Somebody Cares Network Respond to COVID19 Crisis

In response to the White House, Somebody Cares America distributed over 40 thousand N95 masks to help with the COVID19 crisis in their community.HOUSTON — In response to a plea from the White House for donations of supplies to hospitals, clinics, and other medical providers, Somebody Cares America/International has distributed over 40 thousand N95 masks, normally used by SCA for wildfires and relief efforts involving mold from flooding. Recipients include medical relief ministries in Texas and California; various medical practitioners and healthcare systems in Texas; a testing clinic in the Houston area; a military base quarantine site; law enforcement; and our Somebody Cares Baltimore chapter, which is working alongside the local police department and the National Guard to help with the COVID19 crisis in their community.

SCA has also donated personal supplies, cleaning supplies, and hygiene kits for ministries working with the elderly, widows, and disabled individuals as well as a transitional home for men and women. In addition, our office is receiving calls from individuals in need. One call came from an elderly woman who needed food and supplies. With the help of one of our ministry partners, she is now receiving hot meals delivered daily.

Throughout the nation, our chapters are serving their communities:

  • Somebody Cares Baltimore is helping facilitate the distribution of 1000 “heat & eat” meals each day through local churches who are serving the seniors, homeless and young families in their communities.
  • Somebody Cares New England continues to distribute food to the community as one of the few food pantries in the region to do so.
  • Somebody Cares Tampa Bay has been hosting webinars on a variety of subjects, including practical tools for smaller churches and organizations (i.e., setting up online streaming), workshops on sharing your testimony, and weekly prayer meetings. They are also soliciting surplus food donations to continue meeting the demand of their food truck outreach to families in need, which has quadrupled.
  • Somebody Cares Denver is providing groceries for hundreds of families each week, sack lunches for the homeless, and grocery delivery to senior citizen apartments.
  • Other chapters and centers are offering help in their communities as needs arise as well.

“If we all do what we can, we can make a difference,” says SCA/I President Doug Stringer.

Somebody Cares also offers a 24/7 Prayer Line for anyone feeling overwhelmed or with a specific prayer request. Call or text 855-459-CARE.

For more information, please call 713-621-1498 or email

CONTACT: 713-621-1498,

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GFA’s Statement About Coronavirus


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