Somewhere Under the Rainbow in Nicaragua

SPRINGFIELD, MO – Rainbows. They draw our attention to the glory of God and of His loving promise to never destroy sinful humanity with a worldwide flood as He did in Noah’s day. We can be thankful for that promise every day, but we are especially so when we gaze in awe and wonder at another rainbow in the sky.

Nicaragua may be the second-poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, but the Lord has sent a special rainbow to bring hope and help with the presence of Rainbow Network.

Rainbow Network’s Reach

Rainbow Network coordinated all of its projects within Nicaragua to maximize & sustain operational and financial efficiency in nine networksThis unique ministry is a result of a group of Christians who are not out to spread the Gospel all over the world. They are focused on Nicaragua and on sharing “the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with Nicaragua’s poorest people in healthcare, education, economic development, and housing.”

Since 1995, Rainbow Network has coordinated all of its projects within Nicaragua to maximize and sustain operational and financial efficiency in nine networks, now serving a total of 166 communities.

“This isn’t about doing a good deed or looking good for the community — it’s about empowering the rural poor in Nicaragua and giving them the tools to build themselves a better future out of poverty. For good.”

Not unlike other Christian mission organizations, Rainbow Network concentrates on four main programs: healthcare, education, economic development, and housing. However, some of the ways in which it offers this assistance are unique.

Within the realm of healthcare, for instance, Rainbow Network has established a medical clinic in each community. Physicians rotate through the clinics, visiting each once a month. A program is available for persons with special medical needs. That program includes a fund whereby donors can “sponsor” a patient until they are discharged.

Working with Nicaraguans, including the eventual owners of the house, Rainbow Network builds 20’ x 20’ cement block houses with concrete floors, front and back locking doors, and vertical and horizontal seismic beams to protect the homes against damage from earthquakes and volcanoes. Each house has electricity, a latrine, access to clean water, a covered porch, a garden, and a play area for children.

It costs Rainbow Network $5,600 to build a single house. They build 25 houses at a time, a method that further encourages community involvement and commitment.

Rainbow Network’s Results

This is an overview of unique accomplishments reported on the Rainbow Network website:

  • Constructed 1,165 houses, providing safe and dry housing for over 9,300 people.
  • Served over 60,000,000 meals in our Feeding Centers since 1995.
  • 11 full-time physicians perform over 50,000 consultations per year, with over 1,000,000 consultations already made since 1995.
  • More than 70,000 elementary children have learned to read and write through the Rainbow Network grade schools.
  • More than 2,200 children have graduated from high school with our scholarship program. Over 1,200 high school students are currently enrolled in the high school scholarship program. All are from remote communities.
  • Over 11,000 children attend elementary classes each day in one of our schools.
  • Currently operate 350 feeding centers throughout our 166 communities, providing over 10,500 children and pregnant/nursing mothers with one meal a day.
  • Over 1.5 million children’s and prenatal vitamins are distributed by Rainbow Network each year.

It’s no wonder we are in awe of rainbows. As a poet once said,

“Rainbows introduce us to reflections of different beautiful possibilities, so we never forget that pain and grief are not the final options in life.”

That sounds a lot like Rainbow Network.

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