South Sudan at crosshairs


The newest nation in the world, South Sudan has been in a civil war in 2013. Not only have thousands of people been killed, but crops have been destroyed. South Sudan has had to call in aid agencies to take care of its people.

According to The Guardian, “About half of the nation’s 11 million population is threatened by famine already. War would almost certainly mean desperate hardship and death for a very significant number of people.”

Even during the day in which South Sudan should have been celebrating its independence, there were shots sounded.

The New York Times reported, “But instead of triumphant celebrations, fighting erupted this weekend, forcing an estimated 7,000 residents here in the capital, Juba, to make their way to United Nations protection sites that already shelter tens of thousands of civilians who fled their homes when South Sudan’s civil war began in December 2013.”

In December of last year, an aid agency from Israel got stuck in the crossfire.

Arutz Sheva reported, “‘Just a day ago the hotel next to IsraAID’s compound was destroyed by rockets of the rebels aiming into the city. In front of IsraAID’s compound has a rows [sic] of tanks and local soldiers are trying to protect the foreigners and the local civilian population. Currently our staff in partnership with our counterparts in the UN, International Non-Government Agency are building an evacuation plan.’”

In the meantime, Christians are trying to bring Christ’s peace to the country.

World Relief explains, “In Ibba, World Relief is working in collaboration with local Churches to build homes for the elderly and the sick, run agricultural trainings to increase harvests in order to feed the hungry, and start savings groups.”

Please pray for the people of South Sudan, that they would find the true peace that only comes through Jesus and for an end to the Civil War.

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