Southern Japan earthquakes claim lives, leave hundreds injured

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An estimated 750,000 people felt “violent to severe” shaking as a series of three earthquakes struck near Kumamoto on the earthquake prone southernJapanese island of Kyushu, about 800 miles southwest of Tokyo. The earthquakes claimed at least 34 lives and injured more than 800 people. An estimated 180,000 people have sought shelter.

The first earthquake was a 6.2 magnitude and struck last Thursday (4/14/2016) night followed about three hours later by a 6.0 magnitude whose epicenter was aboutsix miles below the city of Kumamoto.

Rescue operations hit full stride during daylight hours Friday, then a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck again Saturday morning near Kumamoto, sparking a small eruption of Mt. Aso, Japan’s largest volcano.

The 7.3 earthquake becomes the signature event of the episode, and seismologists now label the 6.2 and 6.0 quakes as foreshocks. Meanwhile, multiple aftershocks continue, keeping residents on edge.

The United Church of Christ is providing immediate support through the Church WorldServices and will be looking to provide further assistance during long-term renovation efforts.

Pray for the Japanese recovery from recent earthquakes and for Christian relief organizations ministering there.

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