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DALLAS, TX – According to Spoken Worldwide, seven out of ten people around the world do not have access to a Bible in their own language, and, if they did, they would not be able to read it. Think of it this way. If you have nine friends over for a backyard barbeque, seven of you would not have heard about Jesus unless someone had told you. That is unless someone had spoken to them about who He is and what He has done.

Spoken Worldwide currently produces Bible Translation work in over 70 languages to “deliver Truth where written words cannot go.”
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The Church has labored for generations to translate the Bible and the gospel message into every language. We are still trying and making progress, but we are still a long way from reaching our goal.

Bible translation and distribution has been one of the most practical means of evangelism. One missionary can reach only a limited number of people. But one missionary can also distribute hundreds of Bibles. However, if the people are illiterate, those Bibles cannot be read. So, we teach literacy classes – which also help people to contribute to their society and enable them to improve their lives in ways that Westerners take for granted.

There is no doubt about it, since Gutenberg made the first moveable-type printing press, printed Bibles been enhanced our ability to spread the Word.

The people at Spoken Worldwide are blazing a new trail for reaching the lost by utilizing a combination of technologies to reach multiple millions of people more quickly and efficiently without having to wait for a new Bible translation to be completed.

The Christian leaders at Spoken Worldwide also have expertise in the application and use of modern technologies that heretofore were not readily available. Combining solar power and MP3 digital recording into a cell-phone sized device, the Bible can be distributed among oral learners and non-readers in their native language without having to wait for written translations to be completed.

The issue is not which method is better than another. It is that we can get the message to those who have heard more quickly. And the solar-powered MP3 devices can be distributed as easily as Bibles can.

The Spoken Worldwide approach reinforces the role of indigenous people in reaching their own cultures. Native missionaries equipped with solar-powered MP3 players become empowered to reach beyond where their own two feet can take them. The information on the devices is customized to each community based on the input of trusted local leaders who are already “fighting to the benefit of their communities.”

Personal evangelism using digital audio devices is far more effective than preaching from a street corner or repeatedly going from door to door.

It is a simple process of comprehending how disparate cultures and communities learn, what will have the greatest impact on their lives physically and spiritually, and using that information to use what is now common technology to distribute the gospel message around the world.

Spoken Worldwide accomplishes its mission through partnerships with other orality coaching projects, pastoral development programs, and oral Bible translation initiatives. The group currently produces work in over 70 languages to “deliver Truth where written words cannot go.”

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