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World Missionary Press: Free Scripture Booklets for the WorldMissions Box News was established by Gospel for Asia (GFA) to “highlight the good works of nonprofits from around the world.” Most often we do that by reporting news “that pertains to the hardships of living in this world” to show the needs of people burdened by poverty and persecution.

This article is the first in our new, weekly “Spotlight” series that homes in on our primary intent of “Connecting the Church in the West to news of what God is doing through nonprofits around the world.” We begin by shining the Spotlight on World Missionary Press, based in New Paris, Indiana.

World Missionary Press has been printing and shipping Scripture booklets, Bible study booklets, salvation-themed coloring books, and New Testaments around the world for over 55 years.

Each 48-page booklet and New Testament is available for production in more than 340 languages. WMP operates at a capacity of 7,000,000 Scripture booklets per month and each one is sent free of charge to ministry partners in more than 210 countries. WMB has produced more than two billion Scripture booklets to date.

The demand for Scripture booklets and New Testaments around the world is astounding. Following are a few examples of partner ministry needs taken from WMP’s October Newsletter.

  • Senegal – 20,000 French and an equal number of Arabic New Testaments
  • Haiti – 60,000 Creole New Testaments and Scripture booklets
  • Dominican Republic – 8,000 Creole and 9,000 Spanish New Testaments
  • Middle East – 1,920 Arabic New Testaments
  • Denmark – a “large order” of Farsi (Persian) New Testaments for the growing Iranian population there.
  • Brazil – 8,000,000 booklets were shipped to Brazil.

Recently, World Missionary Press developed a digital app that is now available to users around the world. The global availability and usage of digital technology continue to expand rapidly, even in the poorest of nations.

WMP does not believe that printed Scripture booklets will disappear from use. A representative of the ministry said, “We have to acknowledge that technology and use it.”

One of the primary benefits of the app is that there is no waiting time for the available titles to arrive. As soon as the app is downloaded, the content is available. In some locations, it is much more comfortable for a reader to view the app than to be carrying a printed copy of Bible literature.

Regardless of which method World Missionary Press partners use, it ultimately comes down to what doors the Lord opens for new opportunities.

Please pray for ministries spreading the Word of God and for those who work behind the scenes to provide the necessary materials. As World Missionary Press has noted,

With access to New Testaments in their own language, believers drink in more of God’s Word and learn who they are in Christ and how He would have them live. The more of God’s Word implanted in their hearts, the stronger their foundation of faith and ability to resist the arguments of the enemy. The stronger the foundation, the more effective they can be in sharing their faith and in raising godly families.

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