Sri Lankan Pastor Gives First Hand Account of Easter Sunday Church Attacks

SRI LANKA – As Easter celebrations were taking place across Sri Lanka in particular within the cities of Colombo and Negombo – where the largest Christian communities exist – a series of bomb attacks on churches and exclusive hotels brought terror to revelers and tourists. Early reports focused on eight explosions but by the end of the day the final count was 10 in which over 200 people were killed and at least a further 400 injured.

British Pakistani Christian Association, sent their locally based team to the bomb sites and local hospitals to speak with victims of the attack and to offer their assistance. Anton Kyanq BPCA Lead Officer spoke to the GNA about what he witnessed.

Anton Kyanq BPCA Lead Officer, said:

“At each of the sites, there were dead bodies and pieces of flesh strewn all over the place. 

“At St Athony’s Shrine identified bodies were wrapped in white bags and the corpses of those unidentified were in black bags.

“We have seen people taken under custody for involvement with the attacks and some of them seem foreign, I think they are Pakistani.

“We visited the site of the operation of the Sri Lankan Special Task Force STF and SWAT teams where they attempted to capture terrorists at a large house, we travelled to several targeted churches and hotels.

“Windows had been shattered, buildings damaged, roofs blown off, all of them had serious fire damage it was a devastating sight to behold. 

“Everywhere grieving families were weeping and seeking information of where their loved ones had been taken for hospital care or when bodies would be  released from the custody of the armed forces [It is the fashion in Asia to bury dead people the next day].” 

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