Sudan Floods in 2016

Photo by Sudan Envoy

In the summer of 2016, Sudan flooded and more than 100 people died in the Sudan floods.

Per Al Jazeera, “Thousands of houses have been destroyed and several villages submerged after flooding triggered by torrential rainfall killed 100 people across Sudan, according to an aid group in the country.”

There have been 14,000 homes that have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced.

Fox News reports, “In a report released Tuesday, it says the rains and floods killed 110 people between July and Aug. 15, and have destroyed over 14,000 homes and affected over 161,000 people.”

People started drinking dirty water after the flood. This can cause waterborne diseases and death in those who drink the water.

Middle East Eye states, “Many residents have been forced to drink dirty water, which could lead to the spread of water-borne diseases.”

In one state, 25 people died and a 8,000 homes have been destroyed.

Al Jazeera explains, “The Sudanese Red Crescent Society reported on Sunday that 25 people died in eastern Sudan’s Kassala, and around 8,000 houses have been destroyed since heavy rains lashed the state two weeks ago.”

Floods Can Be Common in Sudan During the Rainy Season

Floods are common during Sudan’s rainy season.

Per Fox News, “Floods are common during the rainy season in Sudan, with the largest caused when the Nile, its tributaries or other rives overflow.”

The livestock and food of the residents of Sudan were lost due to the flooding. In addition, parent’s children are sick. They don’t

Middle East Eye reports, “‘We lost all our food, belongings and livestock,’ Mahmoud said. ‘We’re living in miserable conditions in makeshift huts that won’t withstand heavy rains. We are eating just one meal a day. Children are falling sick, and doctors are miles away.’”

Villagers in one east Sudan village were looking for supplies such as food, water and medicine.

Al Jazeera explains, “An AFP news agency photographer, who toured two flood-hit villages in the area, said villagers were forced to wade into waist-high water as they looked for food, drinking water and medicines amid a shortage of supplies.”

Sudan Relief Fund seeks to provide hope to the people of South Sudan by providing relief to them and preserving their lives.

Per Sudan Relief Fund, “The 2.2 million people who have perished as the direct result of a campaign of genocide against South Sudan’s Christian and non -Muslim population- a death toll greater than all the victims in Bosnia, Kosovo and Rwanda combined.”

Ways to Pray for Those Suffering in Sudan Floods

Please pray that many people in both Sudan and South Sudan would be able to come to know the hope of Christ. Also, that the suffering and hardship would not last much longer and that aid could arrive soon to meet the needs of Sudan, especially with the flooding being experienced across the nation.

Al Jazeera: Sudan floods: Villages submerged as death toll rises

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