Supporting Ukrainian Churches Throughout the War

UKRAINE — The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) continues to resource churches as they serve the needs of people across Ukraine impacted by the ongoing conflict. As soon as the war began the WEA set up a fund to help support the churches to provide vital supplies and transportation. They say local Christians have the best knowledge of immediate needs and are able to direct their funds immediately to those struggling to survive.

As the war continues in Ukraine the World Evangelical Alliance is helping to resource churches across the country to meet the daily needs of people, including temporary accommodation, food, medicines and transportation.

Ukrainian Ruslan Maliuta with the WEA explains how this partnership came about and how it continues to develop:

“Within the first week of the war, we began to look at the denominations and ministries that actively doing work in Ukraine that we can come alongside. Some money became available. So I think within the first ten days World Evangelical Alliance has been able to send some funds directly to Ukraine to evangelical ministries that have been doing evacuations, supporting people on the front lines. As we continue, this is expanded and by now there is more than 15 denominations, and church networks and ministries that we have supported since the beginning of the war.”

And the World Evangelical Alliance is also looking at ways to provide practical and spiritual support for church pastors who are traumatized by the ongoing conflict.

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