Syria Army Provided with Weapons to Face ISIS from US


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US backed rebels in Syria have captured a key city of ISIS in May.

Per CNN, “US-backed rebels said they ‘liberated’ the strategic Syrian city of Tabqa and a nearby dam from ISIS.”

The United States provided weapons for Syrian rebels. This was a controversial move. Turkey said the US was guilty of supporting terrorists.

The Washington Free Beacon explains, “The U.S. military will move forward ‘very quickly’ with plans to distribute weapons and ammunition to Kurdish YPG fighters battling the Islamic State in Syria despite opposition from NATO ally Turkey, a Pentagon spokesman said Wednesday.”

President Trump has also doubled the number of troops in Syria since coming into office in January.

Military Times reports, “In only a few months under President Trump, the U.S. has almost doubled the number of troops in northern Syria, taking a highly visible role that also risks a backlash from militants such as the Islamic State group and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, and even pro-Turkey Syrian fighters angered by the U.S. move to arm the Kurds.”

Despite the criticism from Turkey and other NATO countries, US troops have helped the Syrian troops advance in Raqqa, the key city of the ISIS Caliphate. They have cut off the main roads leading to it.

Per CNN, “Raqqa is the latest major city targeted by coalition forces in their attempts to rid Iraq and Syria of the extremist group. The city, the militants’ operational command headquarters, is now largely surrounded — its main supply routes cut off by advancing forces.”

The weapons that were used to retake Raqqa were metered out by the US Armed forces.

The Washington Free Beacon states, “Dorrian said he did not have an exact timeline detailing when the Kurdish fighters would receive the weapons, but said any equipment provided by the United States would be ‘metered out’ and aligned with specific tasks involved in the operation to retake Raqqa, the de facto capital of ISIS’s self-proclaimed caliphate.”

Trump ordered a bombing of a Syrian military base, because of their using chemical weapons to attack their own citizens.

Military Time explains, “Last month, Trump gave orders to fire 59 Tomahawk missiles at an air base in central Syria in response to a devastating chemical weapons attack blamed on Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces.”

Operation Mobilization (OM) is working among Syrian refugees to provide the hope of Christ to them.

OM reports, “Thousands of Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries, where OM teams are working with local churches to provide physical aid, develop support programs, and meet holistic needs. Many Syrians living outside the country are receiving a fresh start spiritually, as they experience the love of Christ from believers and the hope offered by a relationship with Jesus.”

Pray for Operation Mobilization, that many Syrian refugees would come to know the hope of Jesus.

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