Ten Commandments Monument Moved to Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, AL — Judge Roy Moore, President Emeritus of the Foundation for Moral Law, and Kayla Moore, the Foundation’s President, are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, the “Ten Commandments Monument” was returned to Montgomery, Alabama, and placed at One Dexter Avenue on the first floor of the Foundation for Moral Law.

February 11, 2020, "Ten Commandments Monument" will be returned to Montgomery, Alabama, at One Dexter Avenue, first floor of the Foundation for Moral Law.Judge Moore stated,

“One of the most important issues affecting our Country is a lack of morality. The Ten Commandments represent the ‘Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,’ upon which our Nation began in 1776.

“The Ten Commandments Monument will be returned to our state’s capital, only blocks from where it was removed in 2003, where it will stand as a continual memorial to the foundation of our laws. Today more than ever, we need to return to those laws and moral standards upon which our Country was founded.

“Our decline as a nation will not be at the hand of a foreign power or external enemy, but will occur only when we lose that virtue and morality, under God, upon which we began.”

Judge Moore added,

“The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God are not only the source of our morals but also our unalienable rights. We have the right to religious liberty because God said, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me,’ and we have the right to life because God said, ‘Thou shalt not kill.'”

The Ten Commandments Monument should arrived in Montgomery the afternoon of Tuesday, February 11, between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. The public was invited to attend.

CONTACT: John Eidsmoe, 334-262-1245, info@morallaw.org

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