TENX10 Calls On Faith Leaders To Help Combat Church Drift

Gen Z Leaving Churches At Alarming Rate

PASADENA, CA — TENX10, a collaborative discipleship initiative, is calling on Christian faith leaders from all denominations and faith traditions to join them in supporting the young and faithful. Their mission – to make faith matter more for a generation that is leaving the faith at the alarming rate of over 1 million young people annually.

TENX10 is calling on Christian faith leaders from all denominations and faith traditions to join them in supporting the young and faithful.
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“We are at a tipping point and could lose many more if we don’t do something now. The body of Christ can and must come together in order to support our youth and ministry leaders who serve them,” says Pastor Raymond Chang, Executive Director of TENX10.

According to ‘The Great Opportunity’ report by the Pinetops Foundation, “we are at a pivotal moment in the life of the American church and the largest missions opportunity ever in American history. If we move quickly, we can help introduce tens of millions of young people to Jesus over the next 30 years.”

“We want youth leaders to know that we are here for them. We serve all branches of the Christian faith and are offering free tools and training to all leaders, but especially under-served, bi-vocational and volunteer leaders of color who may not have an abundance of resources at hand,” says Pastor Chang.

TENX10 believes that now is the time for the church to extend the timeless power of relational discipleship to a generation who has grown up in the digital age. They have created a new digital platform offering strategic tools and resources so ministries can better connect with their young people. The platform is at no cost to those who use it.

“We believe that with God’s guidance and our prayerful coalition of over 100 organizations and partners, we can reach 10 million youth in the next 10 years and bring them back to their faith communities where they will feel more seen, heard and loved,” says Pastor Chang.

For more information: www.tenx10.org, @tenx10collab.

About TenX10

TenX10is a collaborative discipleship movement with a mission to make faith matter more to 10M youth in the next 10 years. Led by a group of faith leaders, TenX10 offers assessments, resources and support for youth leaders and ministries worldwide. For more information visit www.tenx10.org and @tenx10collab on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

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