Terrorists Attack on London Bridge


Photo by David Williams

On June 2, a group of terrorists did a violent attack on the people of London. They went on London Bridge and started attacking pedestrians by ramming them with a car and them knifing people.

Fox News reports, “The terror network reportedly claimed a ‘detachment’ of its fighters crashed a rented van into a crowd of people on London Bridge before going on a stabbing rampage Saturday night, killing seven people and wounding nearly 50 others.”

Prime Minister Theresa May made steep cuts in the number of police earlier on as Home Secretary. After the London attacks, she was asked by the media why she had made those cuts.

CNN explains, “British Prime Minister Theresa May faced a barrage of questions Monday on deep cuts made to police numbers in the UK while she was Home Secretary.”

Those attacking citizens were shot and died.

Per BBC, “The three attackers were shot dead by police after driving into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbing people in Borough Market.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Fox News reports, “The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the latest London terror attack through its propaganda wing Amaq News Agency, the SITE intelligence group reported Sunday.”

The leader of the Labour Party, called on May to resign and has promised to recruit 10,000 police officers if elected.

Per CNN, “Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, called on May to resign over the issue, saying earlier that ‘you cannot protect the public on the cheap,’ and promising to recruit another 10,000 police officers if he is elected into power.”

Investigators told the news, one of the attackers was carrying a Republic of Ireland identification card.

BBC explains, “Security sources in Dublin have said one of the attackers was carrying an identification card issued in the Republic of Ireland when he was shot dead, the Press Association has reported.”

Prime Minister May asked for tighter counter-terrorism security for any other attacks they may face in the future.

Per Fox News, “May addressed the attacks Sunday after a meeting of the government’s COBRA emergency committee. She called for a tougher stance against extremists and tougher controls on cyberspace to prevent its use by extremists.”

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, a group of chaplains that responds to natural and man-made disaster by ministering to people, was on the spot, comforting people.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association explains, “‘A great part of what we do is just listen to people, let them tell their stories,’Galvin explained. ‘[We] remind them that God loves them and provides a reason for hope even in the darkest times.’”

Please pray for all those who were affected by this tragedy and other tragedies that have hit London recently, that they would be comforted and many would know Christ’s hope at these times.

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