Church volunteers help migrants crossing from Mexico to USA

TEXAS — The Rio Grande Valley is located in deep south Texas, a border region that is receiving thousands of immigrants seeking refuge or asylum. Most of them come from countries where they suffer, and their living conditions are so extreme that they have no other option but to leave and seek a better life for their families.The Texas River Ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texas is coordinating missionary trips to the border so churches can respond to what seems to be also a spiritual crisis.

They say it’s time for churches to participate in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations, and the nations are coming to our southern border

Every day here we try to attend to as many migrants as we can.

Man 1:

“They are giving us the most important thing, and that is the Word of the Lord”

We provide things for them. And we also, when we’re open at the church, we provide a refuge center for migrants to stay for one night until they get to their final destination. We provide food, we provide clothing, we provide New Testament, hygiene kits.

We present Christ to them and so far we’ve seen thousands, tens of thousands come to know Christ. We’ve, at the place we’ve had, we’ve had about 1,500 stay with us and all of them have accepted Christ or they were already Christians when they got to us.

One young lady who had to be here for a long time, she actually went through our program and got baptized.

Man 2:

Where you can go to take a shower, to change, to rest, and I will gladly bring you back.

When they come to us at our place, we have a place of about 15, 20 people can stay. We keep them overnight and then the next morning we provide transportation back here. But we provide their meals for them while they’re there. We provide a place for them to shower, a place to rest, a place to get out of that terrible situation that they were in and all of a sudden realize that they’re in the United States and it’s going to be different for them.

Man 2:

You have brought them with peace and blessing. take care of their journey, take them to their final destination, in Christ Jesus, amen.

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