The Fulaa Lifeline for South Sudan Children

ANNANDALE, VA — Fulaa is an African word that means “waterfall.” The Fulaa Lifeline is a missions ministry to the children of South Sudan. It is, by far, not a highly-funded ministry. It does not have the marketing capabilities or the global visibility of similar faith-based organizations like Compassion International, World Vision, or Gospel for Asia. Yet, it serves some of the most underserved people on this planet – the children of South Sudan.

Fulaa is an African word that means “waterfall” - The Fulaa Lifeline is a missions ministry to the children of South Sudan
Photo by Fulaa Lifeline International, Facebook

Fulaa Lifeline has funded and equipped a team of local missionaries to meet the needs of children who have become refugees in South Sudan and Uganda, nations with histories of constant unrest and instability.

More than two million people have been killed in South Sudan’s civil wars. Another four million have been displaced. More than half of those displaced are under the age of 18.

In fact, many of the field leaders serving the displaced Sudanese orphans in Uganda were children who had been rescued by the first Fulaa Lifeline teams in 1996.

Prior to the latest civil rebellion, Fulaa had a decently equipped orphanage and school in South Sudan. Aware that armed forces were preparing to attack and destroy their compound during the most recent uprising, the leadership team expeditiously moved the children south and across the border into Uganda. There they began life (such as it is), with no housing, no running water, no food, no sanitary sewer system, no electrical power, no healthcare, and no school.

To describe their living conditions as “meager” would be an unrivaled understatement.

The team was able to acquire a small piece of land. As the team and the children gathered resources to build a safe sense of community, they attracted other orphaned children from neighboring refugee camps.

Despite the obstacles before them, the group has planted gardens, erected temporary shelters, reestablished a working – if not well equipped – school.

A short-term missionary team procured cement so that the new facilities – temporarily consisting of stick structures – would not have to continue to have dusty, dirt floors.

The team enlisted the aid of an engineer to locate an underground water source on their property where a borewell will be dug. Previously, the nearest source of clean water was two kilometers away, accessible only on foot.

Sharing the Gospel and discipling young believers are at the heart of Fulaa’s reason for existence.

Frankly, the situation is so critical and the need is so significant that it is nearly impossible to describe with words. That is why Missions Box News has added the following video. In just over 12 minutes, most people will see conditions incomparable to anything they have ever seen before.

Add Fulaa Lifeline to your prayer list. Learn more about their ministry at their website.

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