The IMM Heritage Project: Reaching North Africa for Christ

Cairo at sunset
Cairo at sunset

MADRID – International Media Ministries (IMM) was founded by the Assemblies of God World Missions (USA) in 1981 as it became apparent to forward thinkers that the ability to have and share information would become the essential and driving strategy for successful businesses. There was no reason to believe that successful business platforms built on information technology would or should exclude the church and our evangelistic outreach.

IMM realized that the advance of information technology and the changes that advance would make would draw more and more people to live in or near major urban areas where services – and jobs related to those services – would become available rather quickly and abundantly.

It was then that the new ministry began to produce a wide variety of media, including Bible-based dramatic films and other media now available today in nearly 70 languages.

“We work to bring people all over the world closer to Jesus, utilizing the most advanced technologies to tell timeless stories that people can view on televisions, cinema screens, or mobile phones.”

The projections of the IMM founders were correct.

  • 0% of the world population had internet access as of 2016.
  • 9% of the world population owned a mobile phone.
  • 0% of the world population lived in urban areas as of 2014, with the greatest rural-to-urban migration occurring in developing countries.

Having foreseen this trend, IMM has been uniquely prepared to reach people around the world for Christ, many of whom are unaware or ignorant of the truth of the Gospel. In fact, “IMM is constantly adapting, changing, and growing with the media world.”

The IMM Heritage Project is aimed at reaching people in North Africa where, working with local partners, the ministry provides what those partners need most to communicate what most needs to be said about Jesus in their culture.

In the case of North Africa, IMM is working to “combat the common idea that Islam is the only religion native to North Africa and the Middle East,” with its Heritage Project. The global goal of the project is to put the Gospel of Jesus Christ on every phone, computer, tablet, and television screen around the world.”

“The Heritage Project is an eight-part television series from the first five centuries after Christ walked the earth. The stories of Cyprian, Tertullian, Perpetua – among others –are incredible reminders of Christian roots in North Africa. These powerful faith-based stories will be used to bring the message of hope throughout North Africa.”

The series portrays how these Christians and others like them allowed the Lord to use them to spread the Gospel of Christ in the early centuries A.D. The series reveals that North Africa was a vibrant Christian community long before the religion of Islam was conceived.

Pray that many North Africans will turn to Christ when they view the series and realize that their heritage is in Christianity.


Image Source:

  • By Frank Schulenburg [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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