The UK’s Largest Church Outreach Shines A Light on Jesus This Christmas

UK — More than 42,000 Christians from more than 360 UK churches are taking to the streets December 16-17 in various Christmas Shine Your Light outreach events with the sole purpose to share that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Dr. Jonathan OleyedeNational Day of Prayer and Worship:

This Christmas the whole church across the United Kingdom and Ireland

Henry GeorgeIchthus Christian Fellowship:

Will unite with one message, the Gospel.

Momentum is building towards what’s being described as the largest UK church’s outreach when the Shine Your Light Christmas campaign will take place across the country December 16th through to the 17th. So far more than 42,000 people from more than 360 churches have signed up to hit the streets, town centers and many other public places with shine your light outreach events. Jonathan Oleyede, convener of the National Day of Prayer and Worship in the UK, is the key coordinator of this nationwide initiative.

Dr. Jonathan:

We believe that the church prophetically should stand up and declare Jesus as the reason for the season. That’s why we are urging churches everywhere to preach the word of God and preach the gospel and let people know why Jesus came, why he was born in a manger and why he came to be at the scenes of the whole world and that is good news.

So what does Christmas mean to people on the streets in the UK and do they think Jesus is central to the festive season?


I don’t think Jesus was ever really part of it. I think it’s very much a commercial thing.

Well, it’s just spending time with my close friends or family, loved ones, that’s it, just having a fun time.

When I was a kid I knew that we celebrated Christmas and for me it’s important, you know.

It is a religious festival and every Christian should celebrate Christmas.

It’s a reminder, especially the young people of today, that are all focused on getting the presents, that the best present that we could ever get is a relationship with Jesus.

Well, it’s joyful and meeting up with family and your grandchildren.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of Christmas, it doesn’t really mean much.

If you’re coming from a family that isn’t so religious, then Jesus has never been a big part.

Christmas is sort of a present-giving exercise sometimes, isn’t it really?

Oleyede concluded by sharing his hopes for the long-term impact of the Shine Your Light campaign.

Dr. Jonathan:

The mission is to go into all the world and preach the gospel. And so that is our hope that Shine Your Light will energise the church across the whole of the UK, number one, to be united under one banner and to preach one message that Jesus came to this world to save all of mankind from our sins and to give us eternal life.”

So it’s hoped that through these many Christmas outreach events, thousands of people will realise that Jesus truly is the reason for the season.

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