Time to Rebuild in Syria: Abdalla’s Centre of Hope

ALEPPO – When life was at its hardest in Syria, Open Doors was able to provide essential support to more than 2,800 Syrian families. Pastor Abdalla stayed with them. Now that people are returning and rebuilding their lives, businesses and communities, Abdalla still helps. His church is a Centre of Hope, restoring independent futures for Syrians.

Pastor Abdalla – Open Doors Partner

“The armed groups have left Aleppo. People are doing better now than they did before, but families here are confused, confused about what the future holds. They are without jobs, their homes are destroyed, so much damage. There are so many challenges in people’s lives, so much hardship. They wonder if they should stay or go. This is why we need to support the people to stay.

We need to help Christians stay on this land. This is their home. The spirit of God gave us strength to stay in Aleppo throughout the war. The spirit of God drives me to keep serving the church here. As a church we are seeing how we can offer help and support to the people. In the beginning we could only help 100 families, but with the help we received we were able to reach 2000 families on a monthly basis, reaching them with essential food packages.

As a church we are seeing how we can help and support the people. Thinking of ideas to help them start a project. We think of micro projects for families, like helping them start small businesses, so they can live.”


“We open this shop many years ago, but trouble and war came upon us and we had to close it, due to our financial condition, and my husband’s sickness. It was impossible to reopen it on our own. But at last through God and your organisation’s help we could re-open this shop. Words are not enough. I’m so greatly thankful that the help people sent reached me.”

Pastor Abdalla

“Thank you to everyone who helped us survive as a church in Aleppo. I hope and pray that anyone who hears me is able to help the church in Aleppo to stand next to us and walk with us to see a better future for Aleppo and Syria, the start of restoration and repair and return of goodness to this country.”

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