Toybox Charity Shares Stories of Street Kids in Lockdown

UK — Life was already desperate for street children across the world, but since the lockdown they have even less access to food and clean water to survive.

To highlight their stories Christian charity Toybox posted a video from their partners, who asked children to document some of their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. The video shows the challenges that street children are facing in lockdown and shares their stories, emotions and experiences in their own words.

UK children’s charity Toybox is urgently responding to the hidden victims of the coronavirus as they are providing vital aid to some of the most vulnerable street kids around the world.

To highlight this crisis they asked their partners across the globe to send in video stories of what life is like for these children in the midst of the lockdown.

Toybox CEO Lynne Morris says what they received was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

“Some of the footage we had that came back from Asia, when you look at the context of what they’re walking through and you see the rubbish and the dirt and you just think this is the road a child has to walk along every single day.

And then I think what always inspires me and always fills me with absolute joy is when they’re asked to say something. When we flick over into Guatemala they were just so grateful that folk were interested in them and wanted to express their gratitude. So they hadn’t been asked to say thank you to the amazing Toybox supporters again that was the choice of what they wanted to say.”

Gracia, recipient of aid

“The life I have had on the streets has not been easy and going through quarantine it has been much more difficult. But thanks to God and the people who love us and support us we have managed to get by.”

Andreas, recipient of aid

“Here the truth is I’m from the streets. But I have a great appreciation for the people who help us daily. Thank you people who have been here for us. I hope day by day you are always with us. Thank you.”

About Toybox

Toybox is a UK charity with a mission to end the injustice of children living and working on the streets and have been working with the most marginalised children in some of the most dangerous cities in the world since the early 1990’s. With a quarter of a century’s experience Toybox has developed expertise in working to prevent children from taking the decision to move to the streets, to rescue and support them when they already live on the streets and to help them build a new future for themselves when they decide they are ready to leave the streets, and their dangers, behind. You can find out more about Toybox here and about the latest campaign they are working on here.

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