Tropical Cyclone Hits Vietnam and Philippines Last Fall



Photo by European Commission DG ECHO

Last October, Typhoon Sarika hit Vietnam and the Philippines, causing flooding to the region. It had the strength of a Category 3 hurricane.

Accuweather explains, “The powerful typhoon made landfall in Luzon with sustained winds over 180 km/h (112 mph) on Saturday night, local time. This strength is equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane in the Atlantic.”


In the Philippines, two people were killed and hundreds of thousands were displaced by the storm.

Fox News reports, “The typhoon killed two people and displaced nearly 150,000 people in the Philippines over the weekend. Sarika, leaving a destructive path thus far left over 240,000 people without power.”

The typhoon after hitting the Philippines, was heading towards Vietnam and Southern China. The wind was predicted to weaken, although the rainfall would remain torrential. Flooding was predicted in these areas.

Accuweather explains, “Additionally, coastal flooding is likely east of the landfall location of Sarika. The onshore winds could make for abnormally high tides in the cities of Fangchenggang and Beihai in southern China. Bays and the mouths of rivers will be particularly susceptible to higher tidal flooding.”

In Vietnam, the death toll went up to 31 in a matter of days, because of the rain. One person who was reported missing was still being searched for.

Fox News states, “The death toll in the country rose to 31 after central parts of Vietnam suffered heavy rains triggered by the typhoon. Authorities are reportedly still searching for a person who was reported missing.”

Other experts said the 31 who died in Vietnam had nothing to do with the typhoon.

Per Accuweather, “Sarika has already been blamed for at least two deaths over the weekend when the storm passed over the northern Philippines, according to ABC News. In Vietnam, at least 31 people have died in flooding unrelated to Sarika.”

On the World Watch list (an annual publication), Open Doors puts Vietnam as number 17 on the list for the persecution of Christian converts from traditional religions.

Per Open Doors, “To stand with persecuted believers in Vietnam, Open Doors provides them with trainings for ministry workers, discipleship programs, Bible and literature distribution, literacy trainings, advocacy and more.”

Please pray for those who were affected by the typhoon last October, that they would be able to rebuild. Pray for Open Doors, that they would be able equip believers to share Christ’s hope.

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