Typhoon Chaba Hits Landfall; Causes Destruction in South Korea and Japan


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In early October Typhoon Chaba made landfall in South Korea and Japan causing high winds in these two countries.

Accuweather reports, “While Naha and Okinawa were spared the worst conditions, Kumejima was pummeled by damaging winds and heavy rain. A peak wind gust of 214 km/h (133 mph) was reported on Monday.”

In South Korea, the heavy rains caused flooding, putting all trade to a halt.

BBC explains, “Transport, schools, factories and the country’s main port ground to a halt. Footage showed muddy floodwaters rushing through city streets.” In South Korea, there were six deaths and four missing because of the floodwaters.

The Japan Times states, “South Korea cleaned up Thursday after Typhoon Chaba lashed its southern coast with powerful winds and heavy rains that triggered flash floods and left six people dead and four missing.”

Not only was trade affected by Typhoon Chaba, but also homes of South Korea.

Accuweather reports, “Power outages totaled more than 200,000 homes according to Korea Electric Power Corporation.”

Those counted in the death toll included a fire fighter in Ulsan helping rescue those who were stuck.

Per BBC, “The death toll included a fire fighter in Ulsan who was helping with rescue efforts, local media reported. “

Those who did survive were struggling through muddy water that was up to their chest. There were cars floating in the water that had been picked up by the flooding.

Japan Times explains, “Video from public surveillance cameras showed cars, refrigerators and other debris floating down flooded streets and people struggling through muddy, chest-deep water.”

Both flights and high-speed trains were impacted by the flooding in South Korea.

Accuweather states, “Travel chaos ensued as more than 110 flights were canceled across South Korea along with impacts to high-speed rail services.”

Not only did Typhoon Chaba impact travel in South Korea, but also in Japan.

Per BBC, “The storm is now hitting Japan, where the meteorological agency issued warnings and flights were cancelled.”

AWANA works in South Korea, where many youths are turning away from the Biblical faith of their parents for a more Western materialistic worldview. AWANA seeks to share Christ’s hope with the children of South Korea, so they will follow the Lord.

AWANA South Korea reports, “However, the young people of Korea are drifting away from their country’s Biblical moorings and are more interested in pursuing a Western-style prosperity. Awana South Korea can help with this; it supports the churches by teaching kids the incredible news of the gospel.”

Pray for those affected by Cyclone Chaba, that they would be able to rebuild and many youths would come to know the hope of Jesus through Awana South Korea.

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