UK Christmas Campaign Shines A Light on Jesus

UK —Churches from all denominations united for what was the largest ever UK Christmas outreach campaign last weekend. GNA reporter Peter Wooding went along to one of their Shine Your Light events at Europe’s largest shopping mall in London.

More than 57,000 Christians from over 450 churches took part in Shine Your Light evangelistic Christmas events December 16-17 across the UK. Churches organised creative gatherings in all different public spaces with the aim of taking the message of Jesus being the real reason for the season out onto the streets.

Speaking ahead of one of their Shine Your Light events at the largest shopping mall in Europe called the Westfield Shopping Centre in London, Jonathan Oloyede, convener for the National Day of Prayer and Worship, shared more about his vision for this national campaign.

Jonathan Oloyede:

The spirit of Shine Your Light is basically to do that, to shine our light, to be witnesses of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. And many times we have our wonderful carol services inside our church buildings. But we believe that God has told us to tell the church, to encourage the church to be bold, to step out into these wonderful public spaces. And we believe that the joint singing releases a prophetic sound and to encourage the church to be bold about preaching the gospel.”

And these Christians taking part at the Westfield Shopping Centre outreach shared their expectations for this Shine Your Light event.


I’m hoping that we’ll be able to remind everyone in Stratford the real meaning of Christmas. You know that it’s just because someone came and offered himself on the cross for each and every one of us and to just share that love again.

Well it’s my hope for tonight that life gets saved.

To see revival happen in Stratford and to see many souls come to Christ is the hope and glory.

The light of God will shine in the hearts of men and everybody will know the reason for the season is Jesus Christ, praise God.

Really looking forward to taking the good news of Jesus out onto the streets of Westfield just to shine our light here in this community.

So as hundreds of these Shine Your Light events took part last weekend, it’s hoped many thousands of people will personally encounter the gift of Jesus this Christmas.

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