Ukrainian Jews in the Cross Fire

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — Many observers expect a Russian invasion into Ukraine could come any day. As Chris Mitchell reports from Jerusalem, Israel has been making plans to help the thousands of Ukrainian Jews who may be caught in the crossfire.


On Sunday Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett called on Israelis in Ukraine to leave.

Naftali BennettPrime Minister of Israel:

“I am calling again upon Israelis in Ukraine: come home. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Don’t wait for a situation where you really want to come back, but it will be impossible. Be responsible for yourselves. Leave Ukraine as quickly as possible and come home.”

But Israel is concerned not only for its citizens but also for the tens of thousands of Jews in Ukraine. Former Israeli ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon is involved in that effort.

Danny DanonFormer Israeli Ambassador:

“I have been in touch with the leadership of the Jewish communities in Ukraine. They are confused about their future. We told them the gates of Israel are always open for every Jew to come.”

But Danon says even in the face of an invasion, it’s a difficult decision.


“But you know, it’s not easy to relocate your family. When you have your connections to your family, job,elderly parents. So it’s not easy to just pack their things and move to Israel.”

Yael Eckstein, head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews just spent time on the ground in Ukraine.

Yael EcksteinFellowship of Christians and Jews:

“I felt all of the unknown of what will be in the future there. But what was very clear to me is that there’s a thriving and strong Jewish community in Ukraine that isn’t going anywhere so quickly.”

In February 2020 CBN news accompanied 130 Ukrainian Jews who made Aliyah to Israel. Even now, the work goes on.


“We’re continuing our operations, rain or shine, no matter what’s going on. And there are those who have always dreamed about making Aliyah and are jumping on this time now to move to Israel.”

Chris MitchellJerusalem:

The state of Israel has a long history of rescuing Jews during dangerous times. With well over a hundred thousand Russian troops on the border of Ukraine, the Jews in Ukraine may seek Israel’s experience in their hour of need. Chris Mitchell, CBN news, Jerusalem.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) was founded in 1983 to promote better understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews and build broad support for Israel. Today it is one of the leading forces helping Israel and Jews in need worldwide — and is the largest channel of Christian support for Israel. Founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, The Fellowship now raises more than $120 million per year, mostly from Christians, to assist Israel and the Jewish people. Since its founding, The Fellowship has raised more than $1.8 billion for this work. The organization has offices in Jerusalem, Chicago, Toronto and Seoul. For more information, visit

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Source: Global News Alliance, Ukrainian Jews in the Cross Fire

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