Ukrainian Pastor Shares the Hope of Christ After Surviving Rocket Attacks in Israel

ISRAEL — When Pastor Oleg miraculously survived rocket attacks from Hamas at his home in Ashkelon near the Gaza border, instead of fleeing for his life, he chose to stay and minister to many fellow Ukrainians who have fled war in their own country to Israel.

Thanks to support from Slavic Gospel Association Pastor Oleg is seeing many lives impacted with the love of Christ.

When Hamas launched its attacks on Israel October 7th, Ukrainian pastor Oleg and his wife miraculously survived rocket attacks on their home in Ashkelon, close to the border with Gaza.

Pastor Oleg, who is also a professor at OneFit Israel Bible College, immediately mobilised teams from his church to distribute aid to his community, thanks to his partnership with Slavic Gospel Association.

Pastor Oleg:

We developed strategy and we had a group of people, our team, and we started just to work. Driving and delivering food and talking about God, Bible and so on, inviting to our church. So situation was very bad because a lot of rockets. I’m not sure, but I heard that 6,000 rockets for the first maybe two or three weeks fell down. But in spite of that, God opened an opportunity for us to do his work he appointed for us in that difficult time.

Pastor Oleg says they’re seeing a remarkable openness to the Gospel as they help their neighbours, particularly many Ukrainian Jewish refugees.

Pastor Oleg:

Some of them were very responsive to talk to Gospel, to Bible, and many of them started to come to our church and we had good conversations.

And Slavic Gospel Association continues to support Pastor Oleg’s ministry throughout Ashkelon and across Israel.

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