[Update] Pakistan House Churches Reopen

PAKISTAN – Earlier this month officials in Abbottabad closed six unregistered house churches within the district for security reasons. It had not been clear what those security issues were. Meetings between officials and members of the All Pastor Association Abbottabad have clarified the security issues. As a further result, officials agreed to re-open the churches for services as of January 20th.

The security issue arose out of a suicide bombing attack in Quetta on December 17 in which nine people died. Following the attack, officials ordered security to be provided for all churches across the country. Since the six churches in Abbottabad were unregistered, they “remained out of the sight of security forces and could be victim of any terror attack.”

Officials thanked Pastor A.R. Hashmat for representing the plight of the closed churches. After pastor helped the officials complete a survey of the churches, the churches were given permission to reopen.

Following the successful negotiations, officials sent letters to the six churches instructing them to register with the Home Department within a predetermined period of time or face permanent closure.


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By Anilanwar (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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