Venezuela keeping babies in cardboard boxes

In Venezuela, there has been a shortage of food and medicine.

CNN reports, “In May, the opposition-controlled National Assembly declared that Venezuela was suffering a national humanitarian health crisis. The next month, a group of doctors speaking in the National Assembly decried shortages of medicines and supplies.”

The picture of the babies in cardboard boxes was taken by a nurse.

According to Daily Mail, “It is understood the images were taken by medical staff who wanted to remain anonymous.”

Those on the side of the government denies these charges, taking pictures of babies in plastic incubators.

The Mirror explains, “The government hospital system later tweeted what officials said were current photos and a video showing plastic hospital incubators in the nursery.”

Cru is sharing the hope found in Jesus with students on campuses in Venezuela. One family moved from Virginia to Venezuela.

Cru explains, “Already overwhelmed by his responsibilities in Maracaibo, Keith learned that Jair appointed him to be in charge of the entire college ministry in Venezuela, which currently includes 750,000 students in seven cities.”

Please pray for Venezuela’s government, that they would have wisdom to lead the country. Be in prayer for Cru, that they would be able to reach out to students with the Good News.

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