Venezuela Lacking Medicine Supply



By Rjcastillo

The newest from Venezuela, is that there is a lack of medicines in the country. The medicines that are being shipped over to Venezuela haven’t made it to their intended contact, because the government is stealing them.

Fox News reports about a lawyer named Reno, who would ship medicines to people in Venezuela. The report state, “But when she arrived in the small, Venezuelan coastal city of Barcelona two weeks ago, Reno discovered that none of the recent medicine shipments had made it to her contacts in the country.”

The Venezuelan people are demanding Maduro to allow shipments of medicine to come in for those who are in need.

Per Venezuela Today, “Venezuelan citizens are demanding that their government accept foreign aid after the Maduro administration apparently blocked several requests to import free medicine into the dangerously crisis-ravaged state.” This is not only drugs such as pain-killers, but also prescription medicines that enable people to live functional lives.

Natural Health explains, “The federation’s vice president, Yolanda Carrasquel, told reporters that drugs for treating convulsions, depression, and bipolar disorder had grown especially difficult to obtain. ‘We are talking 100 percent shortage on a national level,’ Carrasquel explained. ‘There is no way to guarantee the health of Venezuelans.’”

Even babies are dying for lack of medicine. Doctors do not have equipment such as respirators to save baby lives.

Fox News reports, “The lack of equipment like respirators has become so dire that babies are dying in maternity wards from commonplace infirmities that are now considered life-threatening.”

With blackouts in cities, doctors have been forced to pump air into the lungs of babies for hours to keep them alive.

Venezuela Today explains, “‘The death of a baby is our daily bread,’ said Dr. Osleidy Camejo, a surgeon in Caracas. According to The New York Times, the situation has become so dire that there have been incidents of newborns dying in maternity wards as blackouts sweep the city. Doctors have been forced to keep infants alive by pumping their lungs with air by hand for hours on end.”

Christian Aid seeks to provide for those who are needy in Venezuela and to bring them the hope of Christ in practical ways.

Christian Aid states, “An indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists on the Colombian side of the border is providing food and sharing the news of eternal life in Christ with these desperate families in Puerto Carreño Vichada, Garcitas and Arauca. “In these areas we are providing food once a week to needy families, especially the children,” the ministry leader said. “We wish to continue this work to these desperate people, especially those in indigenous areas on the Colombian border with Venezuela.”

Pray for Venezuelans to be able to get food and medicine. Also, pray that many would be able to find the hope of Christ through Christian Aid and other ministries working in Venezuela.

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