Venezuela’s Protest Becomes Deadly


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Weeks after week of deadly protest (as of April 22), left at least 22 dead.

Per CNN, “After weeks of violent protests that left at least 22 people dead, Venezuelans took to the streets Saturday dressed in white to pay tribute to those who were killed in the latest anti-government demonstrations.”

One of the former nominees who ran for president criticized Maduro, who wished to keep the citizens from elections.

BBC reports, “‘How long can Maduro stand denying Venezuelans the right to vote? I don’t think much longer,’ he added.”

Venezuela pulled out of the Organization of American States, which has been critical of President Maduro’s power-grabbing ways.

The New York Times states, “Venezuela said Wednesday that it would pull out of the Organization of American States, which has long been critical of President Nicolás Maduro’s unyielding accumulation of power at the expense of the country’s democratic institutions.”

Nine were electrocuted as they tried to rob a bakery.

CNN explains, “Nine were electrocuted as they tried to loot a bakery during chaotic anti-government protests Thursday night in Caracas, according to Venezuelan Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas.”

Mr. Capriles, the former opponent of President Maduro asserted there were no factions in Venezuela.

BBC reports, “‘There is no fight between different sectors of the Venezuelan people. That’s over in Venezuela. There is no division among Venezuelans,’” he said.”

People are asking for a new government and elections, as President Maduro’s government become even more staunchly anticapitalistic.

Per the New York Times, “The move increases Venezuela’s isolation while its government is struggling to put down mass street protests demanding new elections. And it shows that the country — which, through anticapitalist rhetoric and oil largess, once aimed to challenge the United States as a power in Latin America — is becoming something of a pariah in its own region.”

Clashes between supporters and opponents of Maduro was at its height in April. Those opposing him were asking him to step down.

CNN reports, “Clashes between supporters of the opposition and those of President Nicolas Maduro have flared this month in Venezuela. The opposition is asking Maduro to step down, accusing him of eroding democracy.”

Operation Mobilization USA (OMUSA) would like to see missionaries coming to Venezuela and have missionaries raised up from this country to go to the whole world and share Christ’s hope.

OMUSA states, “We would like to see many missionaries and short term volunteers coming to this country to serve the local church and to mobilize Venezuelans to bring the gospel overseas.”

Please pray for a quick resolution to the violence in Venezuela. Pray for President Maduro to step down and there would be free elections. Pray for more missionaries to be raised up from Venezuela.

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