Vision 2025: One Million Souls for Christ

ATLANTA – Dr. Michael Youssef is best known for his 30 years of ministry through Leading the Way broadcasted primarily from the Church of the Apostles which he pastors in Atlanta. The 70-year preacher is leading a new project, Vision 2025, through which he hopes to engage Christians around the world to win 1,000,000 souls for Christ by 2025.

Youssef is summoning believers around the world to accept the challenge of winning the lost in these last days. When he unveiled his vision to evangelical leaders in the UK recently, the response was overwhelmingly positive with comments like

I am deeply impressed by Dr. Youssef’s love for Christ, and that the focus of the ministry is the Gospel. When I read the literature about this Vision 2025 strategy, I was astonished, and it’s challenged me personally as to what I’m going to do with the latter years of my life.

The Vision 2025 Plan

The Vision 2025 Plan is comprised of seven key elements.

1. Double the media footprint to reach more people.

Our post-Truth culture embraces universalism more than ever before, the mission field is growing here at home — even among our own churches where a startling 52% of professing Christians believe that other religions can lead to eternal life.

2. Reach Muslims here at home.

Many Muslims here at home are from countries where missionaries cannot go — places where it is illegal to share the Gospel. God has brought the nations to our doorstep so that they might hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. While some might see the growth of Islam in the United States as a threat — Youssef sees opportunity.

3. Expand a discipleship network in the Middle East

One of every four people on the planet is a Muslim — blinded to the love of Christ by the deception of Islam. Currently, Leading the Way field teams receive a quarter of a million responses from viewers in the Middle East.

4. Double the audience of THE KINGDOM SAT network

The expansion of the 24/7 network in the Middle East with more live programming and a broader platform will help to reach 257 million people who need to hear the Gospel.

5. Host strategic evangelistic events

Youssef expects to preach the Gospel boldly to cross-cultural target audiences of 20,000 people at a time, then build a network of churches engaged in ongoing discipleship. The aim is to see people drawn to Christ in places where few dare to go.

6. Distribute 100,000 more Navigators

Leading the Way Navigators are digital, solar-powered, easy-to-conceal mobile devices used to introduce people in the least-reached places of the world with the Gospel. The Navigators have proved to be particularly effective in places where there are no churches, no Bibles, and where many people cannot read or write.

7. Target a new generation

Only 18% of millennials find Christianity relevant to their lives, and teens are twice as likely as adults to identify as atheist. Satan is captivating the hearts of the next generation, but it is not too late to win them to Christ. Vision 2025 will develop and deploy content for millennials that addresses their deepest questions and needs.

The Vision 2025 Possibility

Is it possible to achieve the Vision 2025 goal of leading one million people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Here’s what Dr. Youssef says:

Over the past few months, we have been celebrating 30 years of God-honoring, soul-saving ministry. With these pivotal milestones, some might be tempted to slow down. But I believe that the years that have passed are only the beginning. Vision 2025 is the fruit of many years of prayerful strategy. . . . God has given us the goal and positioned us to reach it. The infrastructure is in place. We have 30 years of experience.

Without Him, we are powerless.

With Him, all things are possible.

The Egyptian-born Youssef spent 10 years working within the Haggai Institute before founding the Church of the Apostles in 1988.

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