Woman Becomes a Christian & Her Inlaws Become Outlaws

The Christian persecution is a spiritual battle that will never be won or lost in the content of constitutions or the context of courtrooms.

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Last September, her world was turned upside down when her husband passed away. The 54-year-old mother of eight children was now a widow with a family to support. Searching for hope, she placed her faith in Jesus Christ when the pastor of a small church shared the Bible with her. Joy returned to her and her children as they encountered the love of Christ. Her eight-year-old son was so excited about the changes in their lives that he couldn’t help but share his happiness with others. During a gathering with some of her deceased husband’s relatives, the young son rattled on about the church that he and his mother were attending. He was especially excited about the beautiful music sung by the choir. The young boy didn’t realize the turmoil that his joyous revelations would cause. The woman’s late husband and his side of the family were “radical Muslims.” It wasn’t long before she received word from a Christian neighbor that her husband’s relatives were planning to punish her and her family for becoming Christians.

They came, as she had been warned, in the middle of the night, destroyed the family home and killed the five cows and six sheep that help to provide their living. She and her children managed to escape without being detected. She and her family are currently living in an undisclosed location as they, once again, try to rebuild their lives with the help of the members of the church where they came to know Christ.

Virtually the same thing happened to her oldest daughter in July when she became a believer, and her Muslim husband threw her and their two children out of their home.

We’ve heard and witnessed true stories like this one, initially reported by Morningstar News, time and time again. Typically, these incidents arise in countries that have anti-conversion and/or so-called blasphemy laws.

Uganda, however, has laws that not only protect the freedom of religion but also allow people to share their faith freely with others. Neither are there any civil laws or penalties for converting from one faith to another. There are no secret police waiting to arrest anyone for their belief. Nor are there nefarious individuals seeking to entrap Christians by feigning interest in the gospel.

In fact, “According to the 2014 census, Christians made up about 85 percent of Uganda’s population.” Slightly more than 11 percent of those professing to be Christians in 2018 described themselves as Evangelical/Pentecostal/Born-Again.

The situation in Uganda may be a precursor of things to come as we begin to realize the truth that the persecution of Christians is a spiritual battle that will never be won or lost in the content of constitutions or the context of courtrooms. We face a persistent spiritual struggle around the globe. Our comfort is in knowing that our battle belongs to the Lord.

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