Imprisoned, Sacked and Forced to Flee Iran

IRAN — Simin* from Iran has experienced hostility from the authorities, her work and even her own family. But her faith in Jesus is undiminished. Today, helped by Open Doors, she’s found a way to channel her experiences into helping other women back in her homeland, Iran.


With nothing but a little cash in hand we had to leave the country. But we had no choice but to leave.

As soon as Simin from Iran became a Christian, she began facing discrimination and persecution.


Despite 18 years of work experience they dismissed me solely due to my faith in Jesus Christ. It was a hot summer morning around 6:30am when we heard the doorbell. Suddenly 12 people entered our house.

Simin and her husband were separated from their daughter and subject to intense interrogation.


I was incredibly worried. I prayed ‘God, you entrusted me with a child so please keep her safe and return her to me.

After fleeing the country, Open Doors local partners invited Simin to participate in training for persecuted Christian women.


In the place we are now things aren’t stable and we’re facing some tough times. But God is using me as a mother and wife to help and support other women going through the same struggles I’ve faced. That brings me much happiness. It makes me feel like even in this challenging situation I’m not without purpose. God is working through me to encourage and assist women with broken hearts and identities shattered by the Islamic Republic.

This is the real Simin. Through her online ministry she now teaches the Bible to women in Iran in more than 35 cities.

*Name changed and actors used for security.

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