Americans Wait2Hydrate in Solidarity with Communities that Lack Access to Clean Water

ORLANDO, FL — Every day, many women and children in the toughest places walk 1-2 hours–and often much more–to locate clean drinking water for their families.* To highlight this issue on World Water Day recently, compassionate Americans from coast to coast waited two hours after waking up before taking their first drink.

World Water Day 3/22: Americans Wait2Hydrate in Solidarity with Communities that Lack Access to Clean Water
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Humanitarian organization Unto launched the Wait2Hydrate challenge to raise awareness around the importance of safe drinking water and the lack of access that is faced by those who are most vulnerable.

In addition to the challenge, Unto is raising funds on World Water Day to help these water-scarce communities by drilling deep water wells, repairing broken ones and providing water filters. Donors can simply text Wait2Hyrdate to 71326 to make a donation.

“Nearly 2 billion people worldwide don’t have regular access to water that is safe to drink,” Al Goff, Unto’s president and CEO. “By asking participants to experience firsthand what it is like to have to wait two hours each day before drinking any water, we are hoping to bring awareness to this need that is an issue around the globe.”

Among the 2 billion individuals who don’t have regular access to clean drinking water, 770 million people cannot access it even by taking a 30-minute round trip.* A ministry of Cru, Unto provides humanitarian aid for people living in the toughest places on Earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity and revealing hope.

For more information about the Wait2Hydrate Challenge and to participate or donate, please visit or follow Unto on social media to stay up to date with fundraising progress, announcements and more.

About Unto

Unto, the humanitarian ministry of Cru, has been providing relief and hope to individuals in need for nearly 30 years. Through strategic global partnerships and the dedication of volunteers, Unto offers vital assistance in more than 75 countries. To learn more, visit

CONTACT: Alli Ehrhardt, 541-973-1994

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