Worldview Survey Sees Giant Generation Gap

PHOENIX – The latest and final portion of the Cultural Research Center Worldview Inventory 2020 has been released. The results are alarming. Having compared the worldview of the Millennial generation to the other living generations, the report title tells the tale that the results reveal.

Millennials Have Radically Different Beliefs About Respect, Faith, and America

The latest and final portion of the Cultural Research Center Worldview Inventory 2020 Survey has been releasedThe third, fourth, and fifth words should leap off the page as a dire warning concerning the state of Christianity and a biblical worldview in America: “radically different beliefs.”

An exercise in good, old-fashioned deductive reasoning should immediately raise a red flag.

  1. Since America was founded on unchanging Judeo-Christian (i.e., Biblical truth) principles,
  2. And if Millennials’ beliefs are “radically different,”
  3. And if we must either be friends of God or His enemies,
  4. Then the influence of Christianity in America is on shaky ground.

Dr. George Barna, the director of the CRC, described Millennials as “increasingly and robustly” rejecting the Christian faith. The survey results “suggests a nation that is at war with itself to adopt new values, lifestyles, and a new identity.”

Christ and Millennials

Although 61% of Millennials included in the survey self-identified as Christians, in the final analysis of the results, only 2% have a biblical worldview. This indicates a marked difference between what they think it means to be a Christian and what they actually believe and practice.

The “faith gap” between American Millennials and previous generations “is the widest intergenerational difference identified at any time in the last seven decades.”

An overriding perspective of the Millennial generation is that there are no moral absolutes, that the Lord God is not the source for all truth, and that “having faith matters more than” where our faith is based.

The survey included 56 statements of belief with which the respondents either agreed or disagreed on a scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” Millennials’ responses were statistically significantly different than Baby Boomers in all but eight of those belief statements. So much so that they were “larger than the magnitude of the differences between any other pair of generations.”

Culture and Millennials

The survey results reveal that the Millennials’ generation gap is not one of faith alone. Their entire outlook on their relationship communally is frighteningly disparate.

  • Millennials, despite their vocal advocacy for tolerance, indicate that they are the least tolerant of all living American generations when it comes to accepting the views of others not aligned with their own.
  • Millennials are “more likely to want to exact revenge” when they feel wronged. By their own admission, they are highly committed to “getting even.”
  • Millennials, by contrast, are the generation least likely to keep their promises.
  • Millennials are much more enamored with the concept of socialism, which coincides with their lack of interest in and respect for the American Experiment.
  • Millennial responses revealed that they are the least likely to commit to “doing whatever is necessary for the good of the United States.”

Conclusions about Millennials

It is abundantly clear that we are witnessing a miserable and measurable generational erosion of adherence to biblical values in America. George Barna concluded,

“Even a rudimentary understanding of the foundations of the American republic reminds us that unless the United States maintains spiritual unity under the hand of God, we will not be able to sustain the

freedoms that have made this nation unique and desirable. The heart and soul of the nation pursue other gods and beliefs to our detriment as a nation.

“And a nation with an influential—and, indeed, its largest—generation reflecting indifference toward the overall health and well-being of the nation is one flirting with cultural decline.”

The entire report is available at this link.

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