YWAM Ship Set to Bring Vital Medical Care to Madagascar

NORTH WALES, UK — YWAM Ships Switzerland recently purchased a former Naval vessel in Scotland, which is currently being converted into a medical ship that will provide vital dental care to some of the most unreached communities in Madagascar.

Youth With A Mission Switzerland is set to launch its latest outreach vessel to Madagascar where the need for better access to dental care is urgent.

The former Royal Naval vessel is currently being converted into a medical ship in Conwy in North Wales in the UK before setting sail for the East African nation.

Retired Ships Captain David Warden-Owen explains how God has brought together a remarkable team to work on this vessel:

We had so much interest from the walking public and people coming forward offering their services. And we’re now in a position to do a complete restoration and build on the accommodation and the medical facilities that are required in Madgascar.

The ship’s captain Jeremy McWilliam explains how this ship will enable them to provide vital medical treatment in some of the hardest to reach parts of Madagascar.

To get dental treatment on the east side of Madagascar is very difficult. For a basic abstraction you’d have to travel by boat, by car, by Landrover to get to the nearest dentist. While this vessel should be able to get right up to the most remote communities and provide a very high standard dental treatment, eye treatment, basic surgery in these really remote communities, so that’s where the need is.

And the crew is on target to complete their work in time for the Island Reach to fulfill its mission to Madagascar later this year.

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