Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Helping Your Church Live Stream’ Book Now Free to Houses of Worship

WEST CHESTER, PA — Paul William Richards has announced that he will be shipping copies of his book, “Helping Your Church Live Stream,” to as many houses of worship as possible during the coronavirus outbreak. Richards is Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics, a live streaming camera manufacturer.

Paul William Richards will be shipping copies of his book, "Helping Your Church Live Stream," to as many houses of worship during the coronavirus outbreak.

The book, which was released in 2019, is currently available on Amazon for $8.99. Richards says the effort will help houses of worship stream their weekly services in order for their congregations to avoid large gatherings during the coronavirus outbreak. Worship leaders from around the world including, Pope Francis in Rome, have announced that they will be live streaming blessing services in an effort to deter people from attending worship in person.

“Our team has been dedicated to helping churches live stream for many years. It is my hope that ‘Helping Your Church Live Stream’ can assist church leaders and volunteers during this crucial time,” says Richards.

“The book outlines many important topics for worship leaders to consider, including how to live stream worship services, accept donations online, connect with local retirement communities, and work with volunteers.”

Richards’ team at PTZOptics has recently released a guide for distributing worship services to retirement communities and senior living centers. That guide is now available for free, with “Helping Your Church Live Stream,” at

“For many years, we have been helping churches in our local community reach members of their congregation who may be sick, shut-in, or elderly. We hosted the 2020 Worship Summit Live in January, and we had over 3,000 worship leaders in attendance,” says Richards. Along with the book, volunteers and technology team members can take a free, online training course. The “Helping Your Church Live Stream 2.0” training course is available on Udemy at

Using the link, those interested can download for free an electronic version of “Helping Your Church Live Stream” in addition to requesting physical copies. The book is available in multiple formats, including PDF, audio, and paperback.

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