Good News in Pakistan: Andrew and Wendy Palau Join in Major Evangelistic Effort in Karachi, Pakistan

Helping Lead More Than 26,830 People in Indicated Decisions for Christ

KARACHI, PAKISTAN — For the first time ever, evangelist Andrew Palau and his wife, Wendy, partnered with local believers in Karachi, Pakistan to lift up the name of Jesus Christ through the Love Karachi Prayer Festival (January 31-February 6, 2022). This region-wide, evangelistic campaign focused on the third largest city in the world (population: 22 million) and brought together thousands of local believers and more than 250 churches to reach millions of individuals through live events and media outreach efforts.

Andrew & Wendy Palau join major evangelistic effort in Karachi, Pakistan, helping lead 26,830+ people in indicated decisions for Christ
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Andrew and Wendy Palau were invited to join in the effort of local church leaders by international evangelists Reid Saunders and Jose Zayas, both long-time friends of the Palau Association. The week’s efforts were the culmination of a year-long media blitz, in partnership with Shine Star TV.

In total, more than 68,000 people were reached in person through 15 different live events. Digital outreach efforts – including social media and television – helped reach millions more with the Good News in the days leading up to the festival. A massive Bible distribution effort, in partnership with Bibles for the World, helped distribute more than 60,000 copies of the Gospel of John and the New Testament in Urdu, the local language. Andrew Palau’s evangelistic book, The Secret Life of a Fool, was translated into Urdu and 10,000 copies were distributed throughout the region. In the months leading up to the festival, more than 4,000 pastors and church leaders were trained in evangelism and new believer follow up.

Events during the week in Karachi included medical clinics, street ministry, an outreach event for youth, gatherings to encourage and train local church leaders, ministry to prisoners, and an outreach to the poor brick-workers living outside Karachi in the city of Hyderabad.

Also, proving to be a first for the local leadership team, Wendy Palau helped lead two outreaches specifically for women, sharing the Good News with nearly 4,000 individuals.

The week culminated with a massive, two-day, open-air festival in the heart of Karachi. Both Andrew Palau and Reid Saunders shared the Good News during the festival, while a live broadcast took the message to millions throughout the region on Shine Star TV. The broadcast resulted in more than 12,930 calls and texts to trained counselors who led more than 7,960 of those individuals in personal commitments to Jesus Christ.

In total, through all events and outreaches, more than 26,830 indicated a decision for Christ. Each decision-maker is now being followed up by local believers.

“What a joy it is to partner with our brothers and sisters around the globe, lifting up the name of Jesus Christ and drawing others into a relationship with Him,” said Andrew Palau. “Our time in Pakistan was thrilling. Please continue to pray for beautiful Pakistan.”

Love Karachi Prayer Festival was just the first of many evangelistic festivals on the books for Andrew and Wendy Palau this year. They will be partnering with churches in San José, Costa Rica; Manchester, England; Cairo, Egypt; Bridgeport, Connecticut; and Buenos Aires, Argentina to hold similar campaigns between now and the end of 2022. Ongoing efforts of the Palau Association also include international radio, extensive social media efforts, a global network of thousands of evangelists, ongoing city Gospel movements in cities around the world, and much more.

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About the Luis Palau Association

For more than 25 years Andrew Palau has played a key role in the ministry of the Luis Palau Association (LPA), which was started by his father, evangelist Luis Palau. Andrew has been instrumental in building the LPA model for citywide outreach as an evangelist, director, and key team leader. He has guided campaigns, led church relations efforts, trained thousands of believers in friendship evangelism, and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ in person to hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world through evangelistic campaigns. Andrew’s festivals have brought him and the Palau Association into partnership with thousands of churches in cities throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and the United States of America. Andrew’s weekly radio broadcasts, in partnership with his wife, Wendy, are heard by millions of people on thousands of radio outlets around the world. He is also the author of The Secret Life of a Fool, a retelling of his personal journey to faith in Christ, and What is Christmas?, a groundbreaking evangelistic book published in China in 2012.

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