Christian Parenting Network has a Podcast for Every Parent

With Over Two Million Downloads in Eleven Months, Christian Parenting Network Offers Practical Help and Spiritual Help for Parents

DALLAS – With over two million downloads in less than one year since its creation, the Christian Parenting Podcast Network, a leading online resource for parents from, offers a podcast for every parent.

With over two million downloads, the Christian Parenting Podcast Network, an online resource for parents offers a podcast for every parent.Now featuring 16 shows with three more to release by December 2021, it all began with the well-known Pardon the Mess Podcast with Cynthia Yanof launched in 2015. After seeing the success of Pardon the Mess and the demand for more, Christian Parenting launched the Christian Parenting Podcast Network September 2020 with 13 shows including Living Wholehearted with Jeff and Terra Mattson, The Journey with Jonathan Pitts and The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson.

“The Christian Parenting Podcast Network curates the best parenting podcasts to help you leave perfection at the door and help you to become perfectly imperfect parent God has called you to be,” said Christian Parenting spokesperson and cohost of the Living Wholehearted Podcast, Terra Mattson. “We have seen such incredible growth, just eleven months in to the network and have already surpassed the two million downloads mark.”

With an active, engaged and loyal audience, the Christian Parenting Podcast Network of influence includes top-tier leaders in film, ministry and publishing – with support from such well-known names as Candace Cameron Bure, Jess Connolly and Ashley Abercrombie. The network will add three new shows before the year’s end, including Raising Sinners (Sept. 2), Be Love. Do Good (Sept. 15), Turn It Over (Oct. 7).

“Wherever parents are in their parenting journey we want to come alongside them with resources offering practical help and spiritual encouragement,” said Christian Parenting spokesperson and host of The Journey podcast, Jonathan Pitts. “We truly have a podcast for every parent and it’s an honor to be apart of this network.”

Christian Parenting is a ministry of Denison Ministries, which exists to create culture-changing Christians who are committed to advancing the kingdom through their sphere of influence.

Denison Ministries reaches 5.5 million Christians every month. Their audience is experiencing God through a daily devotional (, daily cultural commentary (, practical and spiritual parenting resources (, and in depth studies of God’s word (

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