Christian Radio Station in Ghana Rises From the Ashes to Go Back on Air

SABOBA, NOTHERN GHANA — When a Christian radio station in Northern Ghana was completely destroyed in a fire, the entire community in the Saboba region was devastated as this broadcast ministry had become their lifeline. But when people around the world heard this devastating news they helped to support Radio Gaaki rebuild their studios and this summer they are back on air.

A Christian radio station in Northern Ghana has literally risen from the ashes. In April last year Radio Gaaki was burned to the ground. Everything was destroyed by the fire. But through the support of people around the world they were able to rebuild the station.

And this is the moment Radio Gaaki was officially re-opened this summer:

These local church and community leaders shared their thought on the impact this radio ministry will now they are back on air:

Philip JidohHead Pastor, Fellowship of Christian Churches, Saboba:

Today is a joyous day for us to be here to re-dedicate Radio Gaaki again. And I know when everybody hears about this they will be very happy.

Jonah ManyeiChairman Local Council of Churches:

We’re using the station to spread the Gospel around the community and beyond Saboba communities in our local language.

Jeremiah BayehDistrict Census Officer:

You know Saboba is a dominant farming community. So most of the farmers will so happy to hear some of our programs back on air again.

Mark Ad-DansonTheovision Radio Network:

What you see here today was not so. It was ashes. It has not been easy coming all the way from ACCRA to Saboba since last year. And by the grace of God, we’ve seen the joy of the people. The radio station is here to stay and Gaaki is going to continue to be a blessing to Saboba.

Radio Gaaki is part of the Theovision Radio Network. Philip Asare is their executive vice president.

Praise God we are standing here at Radio Gaaki in the Northern region to see what the Lord has done. It’s because of partners like you that have made this possible and see Radio Gaaki come back on air.

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