Concern Worldwide Marks World Refugee Day by Responding to Growing Global Displacement Crisis

NEW YORK — Concern Worldwide provides critical humanitarian support as the world’s displacement crisis reaches an all-time high, with 1 in every 78 people on earth forced to flee their homes and 32.5 million refugees – that is, people who have fled the country – globally.

Concern Worldwide provides critical humanitarian support as the world's displacement crisis reaches an all-time high.
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In Chad, Concern is responding to the immediate needs of refugees from neighboring Sudan. Due to the ongoing conflict, Chad has recently taken in over 30,000 refugees. Concern’s team is responding by providing shelter, essential household items, mobile health clinics, nutrition support, and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene).

Working with some of the more than 700,000 Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Concern’s work has included screening and treating children and vulnerable older people for malnutrition, achieving cure rates of above 80%. Concern also provided workshops to 5,000 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and caregivers about nutrition and personal hygiene and has run hundreds of cooking demonstrations for over 12,000 caregivers.

Across the Horn of Africa, many communities across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia are facing hunger and food insecurity at unprecedented levels. For internally displaced communities or refugees living in host communities (especially in Ethiopia and Sudan), getting food and other life-saving items is even more of a challenge as rations have become more expensive to acquire, and humanitarian organizations in the area are underfunded. With a range of services, Concern reached 1.5 million people across the Horn of Africa with life-saving programs in the last year alone.

Across Concern’s 25 countries of operation, many serve as host countries to forcibly displaced populations or have a displacement crisis of their own due to conflict, climate change, and food insecurity. Concern US Chief Executive Officer, Colleen Kelly, said: “Concern continues to address the immediate needs of those caught in increasingly protracted displacement crises that pose a significant threat to our global sustainable development goals.”

About Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization working to end extreme poverty, whatever it takes. For 55 years, Concern has helped transform lives with emergency response and long-term development programs designed to address the root causes of extreme poverty in vulnerable communities around the world.

Media Contact: Candance Patel-Taylor, Vice President of Communications at or 212-557-8000.

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