Waking Up to God’s Will for Your Life

ORLANDO, FL — Daniel Kolenda has just released a new concept in publishing. He is calling it an “interactive book” because it brings print and digital technology together in a fresh and exciting way. LIVE Before You Die is Kolenda’s best-selling book, designed to help readers “Discover and fulfill God’s will for their lives.” But on nearly every page, he has included powerful video teachings that correspond with the content on that page. Powerful illustrations, cinematic dramatizations, entertaining animations, and interviews with experts take the reader deeper into the content. The videos are accessed through QR codes, whereby readers have instant and free access to all the media content on their smartphones.

LIVE Before You Die is Daniel Kolenda's best-selling book, designed to help readers "Discover and fulfill God's will for their lives."“When I first released the book several years ago,” Kolenda said, “I wanted to have QR codes for each chapter. But the publishers were hesitant. They didn’t think QR codes would last. So, they only allowed me to include a handful.” But today, the ability to utilize these codes is a feature built into every smartphone. This is why Christ for all Nations is finally releasing the full and complete “interactive version” of LIVE Before You Die, filled with all the new media content.

They are also offering a small group curriculum called Live Before You Die: The Experience, that includes twenty-three 30-minute video teaching sessions, a guide for facilitators, and two study guides: a weekly version designed to facilitate group interaction and another for daily personal devotions.

In LIVE Before You Die: The Experience, Evangelist Kolenda leads individuals, students, small groups, and even congregations through a dynamic, in-depth, Biblical study of how to hear God’s Voice and maximize the impact your life can make for His Kingdom. Daniel Kolenda’s teaching is complemented by profound video contributions from world-renown leaders such as Reinhard Bonnke, William Lane Craig, John Bevere, Todd White, Heidi Baker, Ken Ham, Stephen Strang, Martin Smith, Dr. Michael Brown, and many more.

Best of all, LIVE Before You Die: The Experience is no mere academic lecture. Instead, both the interactive book and the video-teaching sessions overflow with personal stories, powerful testimonies, and relevant examples that will inspire listeners to succeed in their own journey to understand God’s call for their lives. Filmed at stunning locations around the world, the vivid footage takes viewers across Africa, through the streets of London, past the sites of Paris, and into the American heartland. Put together, the text and video elements of LIVE Before You Die engage audiences, opening their hearts for meaningful conversation and instilling courage to take decisive steps toward a life of purpose.

As Evangelist Kolenda put it,

“I love to make complicated things easy to understand and give practical guidance that produces real results. That’s what this book and the curriculum does for those who want to discover and fulfill their purpose in life.”

Now more than ever, Live Before You Die: The Experience is the ideal tool for personal devotion, group study, Sunday school classes, student gatherings, small groups, or even entire congregations. Available in both hard-copy and digitally downloadable formats, the series is ready to take your personal or group study to the next level.

  • To learn more about Live Before You Die: The Experience or order it today, visit LiveBeforeYouDie.com.
  • CONTACT: Sam Rodriguez, Director of Product Development, 407-854-4400, srodriguez@cfan.org

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Source: Christian News Wire, Waking Up to God’s Will for Your Life

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