Disaster Response Team Serves Afghan Evacuees in Albania

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — Samaritan’s Purse has been on the ground in Albania for over six weeks, serving the more than 400 Afghan family evacuees who have temporarily resettled along the country’s coastline. Their team of disaster response specialists is distributing critical relief supplies, operating a medical clinic, and facilitating trauma care courses designed to promote healing and healthy conversations.

David AngSamaritan’s Purse:

Well, some months ago, as we all know, the Taliban took over control of Afghanistan; and in the process of that, many Afghans had to leave the country for safety, fearing for their lives. And quite a few of the evacuees that I’ve met said that that process was very sudden. It was like, a phone call– Get to the airport right now. Drop whatever you’re doing. Taliban are at the gates. You need to leave now. So they left their homes. They left bank accounts. They left loved ones, their careers. All just very suddenly disrupted in the worst possible way; and so that was very traumatic for many of them.


It was so rough, I don’t even want to share it. It was so rough, but me, my friends, and all of these people living here are so thankful for Samaritan’s Purse and helping my people in this rough situation.

David Ang:

What we’re doing here is we’re coming alongside these evacuees in their hour of need. Samaritan’s Purse is offering assistance here in a number of ways. The first way we are offering assistance is we’re operating a clinic, a medical clinic, which provides primary care.

Kianna IrvingSamaritan’s Purse:

We feel a deep, just, desire to love, and our heart breaks. I think God’s given us eyes to see through His eyes with compassion and mercy, and we just want to be here, loving and caring for these people.

David Ang:

The second way we’re providing assistance is through distributions of non-food aid.

So today, for example, we’re distributing a kit for babies which includes diapers, shampoo, and moisturizer. I’ve seen parents ecstatic at what they’re receiving today, and just seeing the smiles on those faces is incredible satisfaction.


The first thing that the father and mother think about their children are diapers and formula. You know, it is very useful and I appreciate this.

David Ang:

The third way we’re assisting here is we’re providing psycho-social and trauma healing support. Many of the people here have gone through deep trauma, as they’ve had to leave Afghanistan in a very sudden and very violent way; and our team is on the ground and supporting them.

The fourth way we’re supporting the evacuees here is through supporting local partners that want to extend and want to contribute to the warm welcome that Albania has extended to these evacuees.


Samaritan’s Purse people are very friendly. They are giving us a feeling like we are home, so thank you for that.

Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has helped meet the needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ. The organization serves the Church worldwide to promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Samaritan’s Purse International Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) program is committed to meeting the critical needs of victims of war, poverty, famine, disease, and natural disaster. We stand ready to respond at a moment’s notice whenever and wherever disaster strikes. The DART specializes in providing water, food, shelter, and medical care while sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

CONTACT: Kaitlyn Lahm, news@samaritan.org

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