End of Life Counseling Expert Helps Seniors Experience Peace in the Pandemic

COVID-19 raises fear for many regarding their own mortality. “The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death” eases anxiety by highlighting God’s promises about everlasting life.

HOLLAND, MI — As a minister of congregational care, Dr. Paul W. Swets counseled hundreds of individuals and families when a loved one was near death.

Inner peace is possible, even during the COVID-19 pandemic by knowing our destiny is secure, we can face any adversity with courage and hopeIn normal times, people find ways to shield themselves from thinking about the inevitable. Today, the global pandemic forces us to deal with our mortality. In a podcast from the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, medical doctor Lydia Dugdale, who works with COVID-19 patients, commented,

“I’ve had patients who’ve looked at me and said, ‘You know, I have no idea what I believe, and I’m scared out of my mind—I’m dying.'”

“Many people are only vaguely aware of biblical teaching on life after death,” says Swets. “That’s why I wrote ‘The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death.’ When we know God’s promises, we gain a boldness that enables us to stand firm. Inner peace is possible, even during the COVID-19 pandemic because once we know our ultimate destiny is secure, we can face any adversity with courage and hope.”

Dr. Rodger Rice, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Calvin University, found hope in the biblical promises.

“Having lost my spouse, I turned to sources of comfort and assurance. Grief and uncertainty occupied my thoughts. I found answers in ‘The Coming Glory.’ Death brings loss and is certain. But this book offers life and hope that we survivors all need for continuing our lives on earth.”

“The Coming Glory” provides clear biblical answers to questions people have facing their own death or the death of a loved one. It is available in paperback, eBook, and audio formats at Amazon and through the author’s website, https://thecomingglory.com.

Although Paul’s first book was published by Simon & Schuster and sold over 130,000 copies, he believes that “The Coming Glory” is his most significant book because adequate preparation for one’s death gives life-giving hope now.

Dr. Swets has degrees in psychology, theology, American Culture, and effective communication and is author of six books. He lives in Holland, Michigan with his wife, Janiece.

For media information, go to https://www.thecomingglory.com/media-1.

CONTACT: Paul W. Swets, 616-834-6626, dr.swets@gmail.com

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