Evangelical Alliance of Argentina Joins the Fight Against Human Trafficking

ARGENTINA — An agreement in conjunction with the Chief of Cabinet of the Nation aims to unite actions in society to combat and fight human trafficking and exploitation.

The Alliance of Evangelical Churches of Argentina, ACIERA, signed an agreement with the Committee on the Fight against the Treatment and Exploitation of People, an organization belonging to the Cabinet of the Nation, to fight against a problem that has a strong base in the country, such as the treatment of people.

The agreement aims to unite actions in society to face this problem.

According to a report by the Observatory for the Treatment and Exploitation of People of the Argentine Government, in 2020, 918 cases of human trafficking were registered throughout the country.

Of these cases, 61% corresponded to sexual exploitation and 28% to labor exploitation.

Christian Hooft, President of ACIERA, explains.

PR. Christian HooftPresident of ACIERA:

This agreement aims to carry out joint actions, receive instruction, training, and align the work of the churches in the social sphere, but also to detect, and help in this scourge.

The agreement takes into account that both institutions have similar interests regarding the subject, and facilitates the possibility of spreading denunciation channels on the subject, but also on training, awareness and detection of the problem.


To detect these situations, which range from the case of exploitation, whether it is for labor or sexual exploitation purposes, but also includes the sale of babies, trafficking, the sale of organs, terrible things that happen in our societies, that as a Church we cannot be on the sidelines and we cannot escape the responsibility and the commitment that we have to assume in this time of history.

The Evangelical Alliance of Argentina, ACIERA, maintains as its mission to rescue those who are in any situation of vulnerability, including the victims of trafficking.

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