Bootcamp Initiation 2021 – A Generation of Fire Evangelists

ORLANDO, FL — When Christ for all Nations (CfaN) recently sent nearly 100 evangelists to Tanzania, East Africa, the results were breathtaking. In only three weeks, they held 1,204 campaigns – often with thousands in attendance – and recorded over 316,000 decisions for Christ!

These evangelists are the latest group of students to complete the intensive training in mass crusade evangelism - Cfan Evangelism BootcampThese evangelists are the latest group of students to complete CfaN’s intensive training in mass crusade evangelism – the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp. It’s a deep dive into evangelistic ministry imparted by a team that has seen more than 80-million documented decisions for Christ in the last 33 years! There’s nothing else like it in the world.

The CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp was founded in 2020 by CfaN’s President and Lead Evangelist, Daniel Kolenda, the successor to Reinhard Bonnke. Kolenda Says, “The Evangelism Bootcamp is an integral part of CfaN’s strategy to reach as many souls in the next ten years as our ministry did in its first 40 – an effort we’re calling ‘The Decade of Double Harvest.'” Kolenda hopes to spark a movement of evangelism that will see a billion souls saved in the coming decades.

Students of the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp undergo three months of intense training, akin to military training, designed to initiate them into a ministry of effective mass crusade evangelism. Students are immersed in a spiritually charged atmosphere with constant prayer, worship, the study of Scripture and evangelistic outreach. Their studies focus on theology, the practical aspects of ministry and how to organize and run effective mass evangelistic events. They put their training into practice on the streets in Orlando, Florida, where the last Bootcamp, in just three months, led more than 800 people to Christ one-on-one.

The CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp culminates with a 3-week “Initiation Trip” on the field – where students put the lessons learned in class into action in the real world. This hands-on apprenticeship gives them the chance to use their spiritual gifts, refine practical skills, and see firsthand the harvest in which God has called them to participate. And the results so far have been staggering. Hundreds of thousands have professed faith in Christ, there have been testimonies of miraculous healing and deliverance abound. And the Bootcamp students gave away more than half a million copies of a booklet by Daniel Kolenda, written to help new converts take steps to deepen their nascent walk with God.

The Initiation Trip is an opportunity for the students to participate in the innovative strategies CfaN is using to further the Decade of Double Harvest vision. These include ministering to hundreds of thousands of children in “Kids’ Crusades,” using customized “Gospel Trucks” to hold “Village Crusades” in every possible location, and the “Operation Decapolis” strategy, where multiple massive Gospel crusades are held simultaneously in different cities throughout a given nation.

All these methods are used in close co-operation with local churches. Once someone decides to follow Christ, their information is shared with a nearby congregation who takes up the responsibility of discipleship and “follow up.” This system helps prevent new Christians from falling through the cracks and simultaneously spurs momentum for upcoming large-scale Gospel Campaigns that Evangelist Kolenda will lead. All in all, the number of lives changed by the Decade of Double Harvest strategy generally, and the Tanzania Initiation Trip specifically, serve as compelling evidence that the CfaN team takes its mission seriously and uses its resources efficiently.

To learn more about the Evangelism Bootcamp, the success of the Tanzania Initiation Trip, and upcoming Great Gospel Campaigns, check out or follow the Evangelism Bootcamp Blog here.

About Christ For All Nations

Founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 and now led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) continues to pioneer mass-evangelism in Africa and beyond and to equip the church to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. To date, more than 80 million people have chosen to follow Jesus at CfaN Gospel Outreach Campaign meetings marked by supernatural displays of God’s power to heal bodies, restore lives and change communities. With offices in countries worldwide, CfaN produces written, musical and video content that can be found online and seen daily on TV stations around the world.

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