Will Graham Brings Hope of Christ to America’s Heartland

SOUTH DAKOTA / IOWA — Evangelist Will Graham brought the hope of Christ to America’s heartland during a series of celebrations in the US states of South Dakota and Iowa.

The Don Barnett Arena at The Monument in Rapid City came to life with uplifting music and inspirational messages of hope, as more than 5,100 people attended the three-day Black Hills Paha Sapa Celebration with Will Graham, held September. 24-26.

Meanwhile after months of planning and preparation, the Iowa Celebration took place October 1-3. The family-friendly event featured free concerts from Christian artists and inspiring messages from evangelist Will Graham. Volunteers representing more than 200 area churches worked together to make the Celebration a success.

Nikole SikoraIowa Celebration Volunteer:

I would say that for the first time in a long time people are finally searching. During the pandemic so many people were isolated. There are so many ways especially with mental health that people have been attacked.

James Rattling Leaf – Black Hills Celebration Team Member:

We’ve seen an experience of vulnerability of our people. A lot of people are in that survival mode. How do I get through the day? People are looking for hope.

Will GrahamBGEA:

We’re going to have a very busy next two weeks in the Black Hills of South Dakota here in Rapid City and then we’re going to be in Des Moines, Iowa holding another celebration. So we’re going to be preaching these next two weeks over these great states. We want to see God do some amazing things and we know that He will.

Sonny RosbrughBlack Hills Celebration Volunteer:

There’s so many lost people here that need to know God and haven’t even heard the name Jesus Christ.

Kurtis RupeIowa Celebration Volunteer:

I just want to see revival sweep across the city and spread like wildfire across the state.

Will Graham:

My friends, God is chasing after you tonight. That’s how much He loves you. That’s why God sent His son Jesus to live the perfect life, the life that you and I were supposed to live. He died on a cross in our place. Why? So that you could have a relationship with God right here. You cannot have a relationship with God apart from the cross and tonight I’m going to invite you to come to the cross and, my friends, He’ll change you starting tonight.


I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I needed eternal reconciliation that I cannot change myself.

Will Graham really broke it down. It made me think that this may be my last chance and I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of God so I came on down and gave my life to Him.

I accepted Christ into my heart. I got in trouble with the law and I was drinking a lot and doing drugs. He just opened His arms to me and held me close and showed me that He was ready.

I feel lighter and just happy that the Lord loves me and He gave His life for me.

James Rattling LeafBlack Hills Celebration Team Member:

It’s an answer to pray that God is working and people have been praying for these events for a long time. We just praise God, that God is faithful.

Nikole SikoraIowa Celebration Volunteer:

Any child of God is a beautiful precious gem and God is collecting His gems and He collected a lot of gems tonight.

I thank the Lord Jesus for everything He has done for me.

About Will Graham

Will is the third generation of Grahams to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the banner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). He also serves as vice president of the BGEA, and as executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville. Follow Will on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

CONTACT: Erik Ogren, 704-577-2109, eogren@bgea.org

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