GCMM Completes Dangerous Rescue and Aid Mission to East Ukraine

ZAPOROZHYE, UKRAINE — While coming under intense fire from Russian troops, Great Commission Media Ministries conducted a successful mission to East Ukraine delivering ten tons of aid, food supplies and evacuated people trapped in villages.

GCMM Founder and CEO Dr. Hannu Haukka brings this update from the city of Zaporozhye:

We are in the city of Zaporozhye, which is about which is about 3 hours drive from Mariupol. We came to East Ukraine through Lviv and through Kyiv. There are three purposes to this trip. One is that we brought in ten tonnes of humanitarian aid donated by superstores in Finland and also different government agencies.

The second reason to come here was to bring back refugees from Ukraine fleeing from the war zone to Finland where they will be place temporarily until the war is over.

My third reason for being here is we were part of a feeding process, which we have financed, feeding people trapped in the villages that are not able to escape or don’t have the connections to escape. For many reasons they are still there. And we were feeding them as the artillery from Russian forces were firing in our direction and of course Ukrainian forces were responding. We must have counted hundreds of explosions while we were there in two separate villages.

So we have an ongoing food program for those trapped in villages. We bring in humanitarian aid also for a larger amount of cities and people. And as I mentioned we are evacuating people as well. A very dangerous operation and some of these volunteers who are taking part have already lost their lives in the process of evacuations from places like Mariupol and other places of conflict right now.

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