IRD and China Aid Join Together in Christian Leaders’ Statement of Solidarity with Hong Kong

WASHINGTON — As the People’s Republic of China this week commemorates 70 years of Communist rule, the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) and China Aid, joined by other Christian leaders and advocates, are sending a Statement of Solidarity to Hong Kong’s Christians and all those who fight to maintain their freedom in Hong Kong.

Institute on Religion and Democracy & China Aid, joined by Christian leaders & advocates, are sending a Statement of Solidarity to Hong Kong Christians

Dozens of Christian leaders, religious freedom advocates, and others signed the statement of solidarity that tells the protesters:

“We ask God to protect your fragile freedom and not allow this small bastion of religious liberty for Christians to be compromised and oppressed. We also urge the United States government to stand more strongly and more vocally with the people of Hong Kong until your full freedoms are safe and democracy is guaranteed.”

The full statement and list of signatories can be viewed online at

IRD Religious Liberty Program Director Faith J.H. McDonnell commented:

“We are concerned that churches and Christian organizations in the United States have not made a united appeal on behalf of the people of Hong Kong as China attempts to run roughshod over their democracy and, especially, their religious freedom. We believe that a statement of solidarity is needed, and that now is the time.

“We are especially honored to have been joined in our communications to the Hong Kong Christians and other protesters by Fengsuo Zhou, one of the leaders of the Student Movement at Tiananmen Square, and Number Five on the Communist Party’s Most Wanted List in 1989. Mr. Zhou, then a physics major at university, now the co-founder of Humanitarian China, understands more than most of us, the struggle of the Hong Kong protesters for their freedom. And by the grace of God, Mr. Zhou found perfect freedom in knowing Jesus, as well.”

McDonnell expressed IRD’s concerns to Dr. Bob Fu, the founder and president of China Aid. Fu, who works with persecuted Christians and other religious believers in China, warns that the proposed extradition law by China is a wider threat than many realize:

“The extradition law aims to extradite anyone, including foreigners, who live in or travel through Hong Kong to be arrested and tried in mainland China if they are deemed as ‘criminal suspects’ by China.”

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