Ukrainian Grandmother Reunited with Daughter After Fleeing Kyiv

KYIV, UKRAINE — Eastern European Mission has overcome major obstacles to be able to prepare a major distribution of Bibles to thousands of displaced Ukrainian refugees who were forced to flee their homes. Following the Russian invasion EEM was forced to evacuate their Bible warehouse in Kyiv. But when one of their long-time partners returned they were amazed to see no damage to the building or their Bibles. Now they are loading their vehicles ready to send more than 16,000 Bibles to those in desperate need of the word of God in Western Ukraine.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Christian ministry Eastern European Mission had to flee their Bible warehouse in Kyiv with the hope of returning to continue their vital distribution of the Scriptures.

One of their long-time ministry partners Sasha Prokopchuk was amazed after coming through several checkpoints to return to the building to find there was no damage at all.

Now EEM is busy preparing to send thousands of Bibles to the many displaced Ukrainian refugees heading to places of safety.

We are able to ship the second part of Bibles from Kyiv to Western Ukraine. And today we will send more than 16,000 Bibles. We want to help people here the Gospel and help people to know God’s will.

And EEM’s Vice President Dirk Smyth says this is an urgent window of opportunity to get the Word of God to those in desperate need of hope.

The urgency is right now and the refugees are pouring out. Of course we always see God do good out of evil if we response, if we are faithful. But the opportunity to get them Bibles, the window is tight right now to get the Bibles into their hands in Western Ukraine.

In the coming days and weeks EEM will be distributing these Bibles to thousands of families and children in places like Poland and beyond.

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About Eastern European Mission

Eastern European Mission (EEM) was established in 1961 to provide Bibles and Bible-based materials throughout the former communist bloc countries in Eastern Europe. Today, EEM publishes and prints Bibles and New Testaments as well as Teen Bibles, Children’s Bibles and coloring books, distributing them through a vast network of partner churches and organizations reaching more than 32 countries in 23 different languages, including Farsi and Arabic. Bibles in these languages have recently been given to Middle Eastern refugees who landed in Greece, which has resulted in thousands of them coming to Christ. For more information, see

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Source: Global News Alliance, Major Bible Distribution for Ukrainian Refugees

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