Mercy Projects Founder Rescues Family from Ukraine Conflict

KYIV, UKRAINE — For more than 25 years Christian charity Mercy Projects has been providing vital sponsorship to families across Ukraine. However when Russian forces invaded the country the ministry’s Ukrainian team members were forced to take shelter with their families.

However the charity’s founder Jeff Thompson travelled from his home in California, USA to make a daring rescue attempt. HIs team took the dangerous journey in a small van across the border of Hungary to save their camp director Yana and her children from their home near Kyiv and transport them to safety outside of the country.

The founder of Christian charity Mercy Projects recently crossed the border into Ukraine from Hungary on a mission to rescue and save the lives of families trapped in the conflict. Miraculously Jeff Thompson and his team made it safely to the home to the family of one of his staff members near Kyiv.

This is the moment they were able to pick up mother Yana and her children before driving them to safety outside of the country.

And Jeff Thompson and his team remain committed to rescuing many more families like these as well as providing vital aid and support to those devastated by this conflict.

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About Mercy Projects

Mercy Projects ( is a faith based agency committed to child and family development domestically and internationally. They work with at-risk young people to provide for basic needs as well as better education opportunities. Their focus is on the younger generation, the two million “children at risk” living in the former Soviet Union regions who need assistance to become healthy well adjusted adults. They identify those at risk and design support programs together with church and ministry partners to assist young people in their development. They currently are working in: Ukraine, Kosovo, Russia, Armenia, & our own backyard (Riverside County, CA).

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