Mexico Migrants Receive Solar Bibles

MEXICO — As migrants of many nations gather in improvised camps near the U.S. border, hope can come in the form of a solar-powered audio Bibles. American seminary students and church members visit a camp in Reynosa, Mexico, to deliver the Galcom devices, entertain the children, and bring comfort and aid to those fleeing conflict and poverty at home.

Tom BlackstoneGalcom USA:

The need is just overwhelming. You don’t know it even though you’ve heard news reports until you’re here. And you see what the people are, how they’re living and you feel what they’re feeling.

Damaris MartinezTexas Baptists River Ministry:

I see the lostness, the condition the world is in, that’s separated from God. But I also see the hope of Jesus and how we as a church can respond to that.


Based on intelligence and information we had from Pastor Victor Castillo at Rio Grande Bible Church, we knew that audio Bibles were important for the migrants here in Reynosa, Mexico. Lots of Haitians, also Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians. So we brought talking Bibles in all of those languages that are solar-charged for the people here, particularly those that learn best orally.


Today we were able to hand out the Bible in audio form, and it was incredible to see Haitian people receiving scripture in their own language and be able to listen to it.

Along with us, there was a group of seminary students from the Rio Grande Bible College, and they were ministering to kids here in the migrant camps. And that was great to see, be able to experience that. Not only did they minister to children, but they were able to hand out clothing, some food, hygiene kits. And so that was, that’s incredible.


We learned from Dr. Grant Lovejoy at the International Mission Board that the world can be divided into thirds. A third can read and like to read. A third can read but prefer to learn by hearing. And a third can’t read at all. And so our devices are for those in those last two categories who learn best by hearing. Romans 10, 17 does say, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

We’ve been in 120 countries. Probably half of those are still active right now. With small radio stations, fixed-tune radios that are locked on to Christian radio signals, talking Bibles in places where there is no Christian radio yet, and we also have married the audio Bible and the radio into one unit now, so that people have the scripture access even when the radio is not on the air.


God is bringing the nations to us and he is doing it through migration. And so as we see the chaos, that we would also see the light of Jesus in the midst of it, knowing that he is allowing this for a greater purpose. And so let’s be a part of what he is doing now and how it will impact the generations to come.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Mexico migrants receive solar Bibles

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